I had a car crash on my seventeenth birthday

Our news today that more teenagers are buying cars, but have a high risk of accidents during their first year of driving, struck home with me.

I had a crash the first time I drove on the roads, actually on my 17th birthday. It was in my father’s car, and he was not very pleased, to say the least.

Luckily, it was only a minor accident, unlike that awful statistic that one on five teenagers will be killed or seriously injured during their first year of driving.

In fact, it wasn’t even my fault, though my inexperience in driving did lead to the crash.

What happened was that I hesitated a bit too long at a T junction.  The driver behind me anticipated that I was going to set off (but didn’t), so he crashed into the back of my father’s car.

There was very little damage, but it did hurt my pride, returning home after my first drive on the roads with a crashed car.

It was quite a while ago, and I can’t remember car insurance being that expensive then.  Not as many teenagers owned cars then and it was several years until I owned my first car.

Paying thousands of pounds a year for car insurance now, must be a major issue for young drivers so it really does pay to shop around for the best quotes.

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