Hunting Gear Guide For The Adventure Freak

An outdoor hunting trip is all about adventure and excitement, but it is much more than a game. You need to be extra careful to carry the right gear and equipment when you are out in the countryside. Besides the gun, there will be several other things that will be needed. A trip will not be convenient and safe when you do not have everything you need and it is tough to find stuff in the midst of a forest area. Here is the basic hunting gear guide for the adventure freak.


To begin with, you cannot manage with a gun unless you have adequate ammunition to feed it. Expanding ammunition is the one that hits the prey and expands in size. It is a preferred option because it kills quickly and is safe, consistent and accurate. The round is least likely to penetrate the target and fly around wildly. The choice of ammunition is also determined by the animal you are planning to hunt. For example, big game such as elephants, lions, and cape buffaloes have specific cartridge requirements.

Optics and Sights

Hunting rifles today rarely have iron sights. So there is a need to invest in an optic that enables you to see clearly over a distance while you hunt. A 3 to 9 power or 2 to 7 power is ideal for an optic to make it versatile enough for shooting at closer and longer ranges without any problem. Good optics is capable of covering 99% of hunting ranges. Another key factor to consider while buying an optic is its durability. Also, ensure that they are weatherproof so that you may use them in fog and rain.

A man using binoculars


Another visibility-equipment that makes a crucial part of your hunting gear is a good pair of binoculars. They enable you to scan long ranges without any issue. Even if some people suggest that a scoped rifle may be good enough for that, you may still need binoculars because they are specifically meant for looking around. It is much smarter to use binoculars to explore the shooting range rather than wave your gun around to look through the scope. Moreover, they have two lenses rather than one, which means that you have much more power to look around.


A good knife is another essential that you must have in your hunting gear. Hunting knives come in two varieties, fixed and folding. A fixed blade knife is an ideal field knife as it serves the sturdy jobs such as cutting and hacking. Folding knives, on the other hand, are much smaller in size and easier to use for smaller tasks such as cleaning an animal and dressing it. You can carry both of them to make things easy during your hunting trip.


Another handy tool that you should carry for every hunting trip is a flashlight as they help you to see and navigate after the sun goes down or in dark stretches. Look for one that is strong enough to show the way around even in the darkest areas. Specific options such as weapon lights are helpful for self-defense and tactical use. Besides carrying flashlights, take along some extra batteries too so that you are never left in the dark.

A GPS watch

Navigational Tools

Navigational tools such as GPS units make a great companion if you are going for a hunting trip in an unknown territory. The modern GPS units have excellent features that simplified navigation in more than one way. You can set a home location, enter checkpoints and connect with other GPS units as well. They can be an expensive equipment to buy but can serve as a long-term investment to make every trip an adventure experience.


Slings are essential for carrying a rifle comfortably. They make it easier to move around, climb, and jump as they free your hands while carrying the rifle. Invest in a quality sling that is made of durable material to support the weapon well enough and comfortably. They also serve the purpose of a platform for the rifle if you want to fire from the standing position.

Taking along all the right equipment is essential for every hunting enthusiast, particularly when you are going for an adventure trip. Follow this checklist and have the right hunting gear in your arsenal to make your trip safe and easy.

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