How to Skyrocket Sales with Email Marketing

For every dollar spent on email marketing, there is an expected ROI of $42. Email marketing, if done right, can reap many benefits. One of the most wanted advantages is, of course, a massive boost in sales.

Many marketing gurus claim to have magic tricks that can conquer the email marketing frontier in a week or so. Sadly, that’s not true. If you want regular paying customers from email marketing, you have to stick to the basics.

The basics of email marketing include, but not limited to, composing a kickass email strategy that elaborates each and every step of the process – from production to marketing automation.

In this post, we will discuss different components of email marketing that will help to boost your sales.

1. Personalize your Emails

First and foremost is addressing your readers with their names. You know the name, so use it – that’s the basics of personalization. Also, personalized subject lines get a 50 percent higher open rate.

Secondly, your tone in the email should be light. Readers should feel like you are talking to them. In simple words, there must be a lot of “I” and “You.” The written words should seem like an easy-breezy conversation.

Personalization in emails helps in building trust with your readers. When they trust you, they are more likely to open your emails, act upon your suggestion and incline towards your products/services.

2. Segmenting your Subscribers

The key is to produce email content targeted to a specific group of readers who regularly open your emails, spend time, and take action.

You must put your potential customers into different segments. You should know about their pain points and provide amicable solutions. However, not all your customers want the same thing. You need to form groups and address them according to their preferences.

Hubspot is a classic example of segmentation. Their blog has divided content into four categories, i.e., marketing, sales, services, and website. When you opt to subscribe to the blog, they ask you to select the categories you are interested in. This way, they provide you with the relevant content and pitch you the right products.

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Segmentation is all about getting the right message to your potential customers. If you are successful in this particular job, you are halfway there to get more customers with email marketing.

3. Abandoned Carts Equates to Confirmed Sales

This may be in particular to e-commerce businesses, but it’s a practical trick that always helps in boosting sales. Many websites have customers that add things to their cart but don’t buy them. They are telling you what they want but aren’t buying for unknown reasons.

You must send them an email with a minimal discount percentage on those products or a discount code for the entire website. This will motivate them to make a purchase.

4. Make your Emails Interactive and Engaging

The readers have a short attention span. You want them to engage with the email content for as long as possible. It is possible if your emails have an element of surprise.

You need to pick the proper format. Some ideas and concepts are better explained via long-form articles and blogs. In contrast, others require more visual representation, like infographics. Of course, we cannot ignore videos.

Using mix and match of all these formats results in ineffective messaging, which leads to successful email marketing and eventually sales.

5. Select Enticing Images

Did you know email content with images has a higher engagement rate than text-only posts? Eye-catching visuals bring emails to life and induce a spark of imagination and creativity in the readers.

Images are sort of the first impression of your emails, so they better be excellent. When it comes to visuals, you should play with different tones of colors, characters, and messaging. Thanks to various sites offering free stock photos, you can literally find as many visual options as you want on a particular subject.

6. Work Hard on your CTAs

CTAs (Call to Action) are an essential part of any email marketing campaign. You have to work hard to get it right. If you want your readers to watch a video, a “Watch Now” CTA might do the trick. You can try various CTAs such as “ View Today” or “Watch the Video” to see which one works best.

In email marketing, CTAs that convert have perfect placement, design, and language. Creating CTAs that work will take patience and practice.But once you get them right, they will surely result in boosting your sales.

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7. Practice A/B Testing for Better Performance

Email content has different aspects like subject line, heading, images, CTAs, etc. It is normal to have various options for each element to test the ones that work best. A/B testing is a fun way to test varying versions of your email campaign and assess the results.

You can test out a couple of subject lines and see which one gets the most email open rate. It is insightful and reveals a lot about readers and their changing tastes—however, it’s neglected by many companies.

8. Use Email Marketing Automation

For increasing revenue, email marketing automation is a good idea. It not only enhances the productivity of your team but also helps in boosting email performance and ROI. Email automation may seem trivial, but it has a lasting impact on your campaign.

It helps in sending mails at the right time. For instance, you can automate welcome emails as soon as someone signs up or send a “we’ll get back to you” email when someone mails a query.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is a sure-shot way to make some bucks. If it is not translating into increased sales, then you are not doing it right. It is a learned art and can be attained with persistent practice and efforts.

Remember, you only have to produce killer email marketing campaigns with the right ingredients, and sales will follow automatically.

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