How to Reduce Risk When Delivering Valuable Items

When individuals and businesses need to send valuable items to a receiving party, whether an order for a client or a present to a friend, you will want it to arrive on time and in top condition. A late arrival or damaged delivery can waste a lot of your and the receiving party’s time and efforts. There are a number of ways that you can reduce the risk of damage or lateness when delivering valuable items.

Pack valuable items to be sent well

Pack Them Well

Even if you use a delivery company, a lot of the onus will be on you to pack any items being sent well.

The receiving party will still attach the majority of the blame for late or damaged deliveries on you, especially if they are a client, so it is important to reduce risk that this is done.

Wrap up any delicate goods as tightly as possible, using bubble wrap and extra layers of paper to increase safety. Reinforce heavier goods with an extra box and test its strength before getting ready to send it.

Be sure to correctly label all deliveries so that the delivery firm can get it to the right address.

Use Professional Couriers

There are many professional courier services available that can ensure deliveries of all shapes and sizes reach their destination on time and intact. It can be a cost-effective option, even when using next-day delivery and the extra expense that entails.

One of the most secure methods is to use signed for delivery services from TNT. This makes it easy to ensure your deliveries are fully accounted for, and if something does go wrong it can be easily tracked. It also means that if a client claims to have not received a delivery this can be proven/disproven due to them having signed for it.

Do it Yourself

To truly reduce any risk when delivering valuable items, it can be best to simply take them yourself. If they’re going to a recipient close by, then it can be a safer and cheaper option to drop them off yourself, or ask someone from your company who goes close to the destination to do so.

Of course, if you’re hoping to send something abroad then this isn’t possible. Still, at least you or your company will hold full accountability for any damages that happen to the valuable items. These methods should mean all valuables are delivered safe, sound and on time.


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