How To Pack Smartly for Your Next Campervan Trip

Travelling in a campervan is a one-of-a-kind experience, and if you ever have this opportunity knocking at your door, we urge you to go for it. The thrill, the fun, and the chance to explore places that you wouldn’t do otherwise is an exciting thing altogether. Campervans are equipped with space, bed, shower, and even kitchen area that add more comfort and flexibility to your road trip.

You can get a rental camping car and go on an amazing adventure. But always be wary about one thing – smart packing.

It is vital to understand that there are many potential ways of packing for your campervan. Learning to utilize all the space is essential, and doing it smartly has a role to play. We have got you covered. Here’s how to pack smartly for your next camping trip.

Get Some Packing Cubes

You will find a variety of packing cubes in the market. We urge you to utilize them to the fullest while packing for your campervan trip. Give one cube for each family member so that they can store all the things in it without messing around with the campervan.

It will also enable them to find their clothes quickly. Ensure that each of these cubes is labeled properly so that nobody gets confused while looking for their cubes.

Pack Similar Colors

One of the most underrated hacks while packing for the camping trip is to stick to one color. When you try to pack clothes similar in one color tone, it makes the washing much easier.

Carry a Laundry Bag

When you pack for a campervan trip, do not forget to carry a laundry bag. After all, where will you dump all your dirty clothes? Buy a portable large laundry bag from the market to accommodate all the dirty clothes at once.

If you cannot buy one big bag, you can take two smaller laundry bags too. Avoid putting anything else in the laundry bag beside the clothes.

Pack Layers

One of the smartest packing hacks for your next camping trip is packing in layers. The apparel such as jumpers, leggings, t-shirts, thermals, etc., do not need ironing. You can simply wash them and repack them ready for the next trip.

These clothes do not consume a lot of space in your bag/campervan, thus saving you more space. We also suggest you avoid packing thick fabrics unless you are camping in cold weather.

Buy Microfiber Towels

While packing napkins and toiletries, we suggest you pack microfiber towels over the towels made of other materials. Microfiber towels are super lightweight. They are absorbent and quick-drying. These factors also make them ideal for use after showers, washing up or even cleaning your pet.

Microfiber towels are easy to pack. You can choose different sizes of towels in different colors and hang them on hooks on the back of your headrests to make more space in your bag.

Other Things to Consider While Packing

Here are the other factors to consider while packing for your campervan trip.

  • Never overload your campervan with the things you may not need.
  • Ensure you have enough toilet papers to use throughout the trip. Pack all the essentials to keep the toilet clean.
  • Do not pack too many shoes as they consume a lot of space.
  • Pack enough garbage bags. They are easy to store and do not consume space.
  • Use disposable dishes to keep the kitchen area less messy.


The above-listed packing hacks not only let you pack carefully but systematically as well. Ensure you take this guide seriously for hassle-free travel throughout your camping trip. We wish you a happy camping experience.

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