How To Manage Vodafone Roaming Charges

Many of us take our mobile phones abroad with us, on holiday or when travelling on business, but it is important that you manage your Vodafone roaming charges to make sure that you are not paying too much for your mobile phone usage whilst away.

Vodafone roaming chargesMobile phones and particularly smartphones have become central to our everyday lives so it is now almost certain that we will take them abroad with us – to keep in touch with folks back at home, read emails and to make local calls.

However, if we are not careful you can easily incur large phone bills that will give you a nasty surprise when you get back home.

Vodafone roaming charges depend on the country that you are visiting and if you use data for Internet access or just phone and text usage. Vodafone have two major price zones that you should be aware of – Europe and the rest of the world.

Vodafone data usage in Europe is best served with the Vodafone Data Traveller tariff that costs £2 per day and gives you 25MB daily in most European Countries and 5MB per day elsewhere in Europe.

Alternatively you can pay just £10 per month.

If however you are paying £40 or month or more for your mobile plan, you can receive Data Traveller free of charge, which is definitely worth knowing.

If travelling to areas that Vodafone deem “rest of the world”, you will be subjected to their standard rates of £3 per MB for the first 5MB of data usage and then £15 for every 5MB after that so these costs can add up significantly if you are not careful with your Internet usage.

Phone and text usage whilst in Europe is well served with the Vodafone Passport tariff. This is a free add on plan that allows you to use your UK talk minutes (but not text allowances) for making calls in most European countries and also in Australia and New Zealand.

You should be aware of the 75p per call connection charges that apply both for making and receiving calls, but you can make calls up to 60 minutes long without further charges so opting into the Passport plan is a good idea if you are travelling to one of the 35 countries covered.

Charges can still add up, though, particularly if you are receiving a lot of calls from the UK, perhaps from people who are unaware that you are on holiday.

Vodafone customers can benefit from some good phone and data usage plans whilst travelling abroad, particularly in mainstream European countries. In ‘Rest of the World countries in particular though it is still quite expensive to use your phone so you should take care to manage your usage as much as possible – or at least be aware in advance of the charges you are incurring.

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