How to Groom Your Dog Effortlessly in 2021-Expert Advice

Pets grooming is always a challenge for dog owners. Many people spend a lot of money to make their pets stylish and unique. These are 7 proven tips for your dog to look great & healthy. Due to technological advancements, one can easily groom their dogs or cats at home effortlessly.

Every dog needs regular grooming and general care to remain in perfect appearance. In this way, you help them to maintain a tangle free coat as well as shiny outlook. Moreover, with regular dog grooming, you can improve their hygiene.

All dogs are not equal in terms of grooming. Long and double coat pets require more time and frequency whilst the short and single coat dog need less efforts.

Similarly, the dogs with longer coats require clipping and hair trimming additionally.

In this post, we have tried to cut down your extra costs of regular appointments with the professional dog groomers. By following the expert advice, one can easily save money and time by grooming their dogs at home.

1. Regularly Brushing of dog’s coat

Irrespective of dog breed, regular coat brushing of dogs is highly recommended by the expert groomers. In this way, you can make their coat shiny, neat and glossy. Although, the brushing frequency is high for some dogs including golden retrievers and border collies. It’s all because of their long and double coat.

Henceforth, daily coat brushing can make your dog’s best in appearance and free from lose hair. If you can’t manage daily dog coat brushing, try to schedule on alternate days or at least once a week.

On the other hand, short haired breeds including greyhounds, and Labradors may be fine with less efforts than the golden retrievers.
During hair shedding seasons, matted hair create pain to the dogs and eventually they start licking or biting themselves. It’s all due to irritation that can be solved by frequent coat brushing to your longhaired dogs.

Moreover, the short haired dogs get numerous advantages from brushing i.e. lose hair removal, dirt and dandruff.

2. Safe Hair Trimming

There are many sensitive parts of the dogs where unwanted hair grow speedily and needs trimming accordingly. The dog owners visit dog grooming centers for their dog’s haircut, hair trimming from the paws and eyes. With due care and safe manners you can do the same at home.

With proper care, one can easily trim thick hair around the dog’s eye. In this way, your dog’s eyes will be safe from blurred vision that happen due to overgrown hair around the eye lids.

With long hair around the eyes, dogs get irritated and start rubbing their face on the floor or on the wall that can lead towards injuries. Therefore, keep regular inspection of your dogs and trim the unwanted hair to prevent them from damaging its eyes.

3. Best Practice:

First make your dog calm and let him lay down. Start the procedure slowly and carefully because the sharp edges of scissor blades near eyes or paws can cut their skin.

For calmness, dog treats can work well till you’re finished.

Must remember that if you’re nervous, don’t perform this session at home and visit for the professional grooming service providers.

4. Nail Grinding or Clipping

Every dog owner need nail clipping after every four to six weeks. Same like hair trimming, Dog Nail trimming also needs extra care and vigilance. When the nail grow long, dogs face difficulty in walking.

Also the long nails create several health diseases and sometime cause scratches to their skin. Clicking sounds on the floor is a main symptom that your dog needs nail trimming.

Always use sharp nail cutter or clipper to cut the nail in one go. Nail trimming is some time tricky because the dog get afraid from the tools sensation to the skin. Thanks to the technology that introduced Best Dog Nail Grinder to grind the dog nails without pain, vibration or making their paws heating.

5. Dog’s Skin Grooming

Normally, the dogs face various skin infections that create itchiness. Therefore, the dogs start scratching, or licking their infected part. In this way the dogs can invite other external parasites like ticks, lice and the fleas.

Eventually, the problems like tapeworm come into existence. To save your pet from the above problems, must inspect your dog’s skin on every grooming session. The best way to check your dog skin is run your fingers gently throughout your dog’s coat.

If you notice some unusual lumps or bumps, that is a sign of possible skin problems. While noticing sores, rashes or redness, consult your veterinarian for rapid recovery.

6. Train your dog for grooming sessions

Normally, the puppies require reward and positive reinforcement for first time grooming sessions. You can adopt the following steps.

  • Use of Vegemite and allow your pooch to lick it while brushing or washing them.
  • Use of reward and treats while grooming them in initial days. Also, start the things slowly and praise your puppies to pamper them for upcoming sessions.
  • Must use a slip-proof mat over the bath tub to avoid the chances of sliding.

7. Regularly Ear Checkup

Like grooming of eyes, hair and nails, ear cleaning is also an important step of dog grooming sessions. Due to floppy ears, the dogs can get ear infections that are always painful. During grooming session, check their ears carefully and clean the ears properly.

With ear problems, the dogs rub their face on the mat or show disturbing behavior, therefore, a vet visit is a must, which you might be able to claim from your pet insurance, if you have it.

A vet treating a dog

Causes of Ear Infections

Some of the noticeable causes of dog ear infections are

  • Bacterial Infection
  • Ear mites
  • Ear Allergies

Symptoms of Ear Infections

Following are main signs and symptoms of a dog ear infection. In these cases, don’t start self-medication and consult your doctor.

  • Ear Discharging
  • Red Ears with Inflammation
  • Shaking of Head
  • Bleeding
  • Bad smell

You can get rid of the same by excessive moisture removal, regular ear cleaning and Treatment of Allergies.

8. Don’t bathe your dog frequently

Dogs with healthy skin does not need frequent bathing. With regular bathing, you can shred the natural oils of their coat causing a dry skin. However, odd smells needs to be discussed with your vet. The hidden issues can be a dental disease or infections of skin.

Dog Bathing Tips

There are different pH levels in the dog’s skin. Therefore, avoid using baby shampoo. However, you can try a soap free shampoo particularly made for dogs. Apply it gently and slowly.

First use warm water and make your dog thoroughly wet. Afterwards, massage them gently with the dog shampoo but avoid using the same on its eyes, mouth and ears.

Also, use warm water to wash the shampoo and let your pet shake their body to dry outside. You can also dry their coat gently with a towel.

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