How To Get Tickets For The London 2012 Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics, starting on 27 July 2012, are getting ever closer but how do you get tickets for this fantastic sporting event? We take a look.

London 2012 OlympicsUpdate: 15 February 2011

The full competition schedule for the London 2012 Olympic Games has now been released. All the event details are available along with ticket prices and ticket limits.


With the Olympic Games consisting of 26 different sports taking place over 17 days of competition in 34 venues, there’s a lot to see. There are also the Paralympic Games which feature 20 sports taking place over 11 days of competition across 21 venues.

So how do you get tickets for the London 2012 Olympics?

Firstly, tickets don’t actually go on sale until 2011. You can however register your interest for Olympic tickets.

Registering is quick and easy to do and if you sign-up now you’ll be among the first to hear about ticketing news and other exciting events and offers.

Be aware that Olympic tickets will only be available through the official London 2012 website or through other Authorised Ticket Resellers (ATRs) worldwide depending on where you live.

Don’t be fooled by bogus websites and organisations who claim to be selling tickets for the Games. Tickets will only be available via official London 2012 sales channels from 2011. You will not be asked to make a payment or sign a contract until then.

Visa, providing support to the Games, will be the only card accepted at the Games – debit, credit and prepaid visa cards. Cash and cheques will also be accepted.

The number of tickets each person can buy and how much the tickets cost are details that are still being finalised.

When the tickets do go on sale in 2011 they will be via an application process. You will be required to submit an application for tickets when sales are launched in 2011 even if you have registered your details with London 2012 and you have a ticketing account.

Check out the London 2012 Olympics website for more details and to register your interest in tickets – and if you like you can also buy some of the official olympics merchandise.

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