How To Get More Space Without Moving Home

Almost two thirds of people in Britain are deperate for more space in their homes. But with money tight moving home may not be the option. So how can you get more space in your home?

George ClarkeFor a lot of us it’s all about trying to save money at the moment, so the prospect of moving home or renovating is a non starter and yet if you’ve outgrown your home you do need to take some action to create space.

We have a great podcast with George Clark (TV architect, Channel 4’s Home Show) looking at top tips on creating more space in your home without spending a huge amount of time or money in the process.

As research from Pilkington shows the cost effective creation of speace is vital for many, not least as the lack of it is turning into a major cause of tension in many households.

As George explains, most of us live with much unnecessary clutter. We love to hoard, perhaps for genuine reasons as we collect antiques, stamps or perhaps even ski posters, but often it’s a case of storing because we simply cannot face throwing away.

A top tip therefore is to declutter – you don’t necessary have to throw things in the dustbin as such, you can of course give to charity or if its good quality toys for example you could donate them to you local hospital, school or nursery.

Conservatories are another focus. Often created with single glazing on the windows and a thin roof, they can be too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Listen to George’s tips on sorting this out, including using Pilkington Cervoglass insulating glass units designed specifically for conservatory roofs and glass structures.

He also suggests having as much light as possible in your home, natural or otherwise.

Consider the size of your room is another point – don’t overcrowd with massive sofas for example if your living room is small. Better to consider a smaller sofa so it emphasises space rather than the lack of it.

Listen to the podcast to hear the detail on the tip covered in this article, plus more top tips on how to get more space in your home without moving.

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