How To Earn Extra Money By Sharing Your Knowledge

We thought we’d share a simple way of earning some extra money with you. Its quick, easy and most of allows you to benefit from your knowledge, experience and expertise.

Know HowWe all have things that interest us, or areas of expertise or knowledge ranging from how to remove a wine stain from a carpet, to how to perform something technical for a hobby, such as mending a puncture in a bike tyre or researching a family genealogy tree.

By publishing your tip or tidbit of knowledge on VideoJugPages, you can share any advertising revenue that your contribution makes. This can create extra cash as well as establish yourself an an “expert” in your area of expertise.

VideoJug sell adverts around your pages and then pay you 50% of the revenue, on a recurring basis.

Examples of success are plentiful, including the woman who is now teaching millions of people online how to apply make-up. For you it could be travel advice, golf tips, even ideas for landscaping or decorating kids cakes.

You can find out how much your knowledge may be worth by using this nifty calculator.

To learn more, watch this video that Tom Laidlaw, the CEO of has prepared for us.

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