How to Decorate Your Home in the Chalet Style

The chalet interior style is cozy, rustic, warm, relaxing and unusual. It brings warmth and coziness to the room and lets all the stresses of the day drain away; you feel immediately comfortable in it. Suitable for decorating country houses and apartments. Chalet translates from French as “shepherd’s hut”. In the XVII century, such buildings of solid timber and stone shelter in bad weather for people and livestock. The name “chalet” originated in the province of Savoy in southeastern France, bordering Italy and Switzerland. Over time, based on the interiors of the chalets derived a separate design style.

Interior decoration in the style of the chalet is traditionally characterized by simplicity and special rural comfort. Chalets preserve the spirit of minimalism, particular simplicity, and brevity. Decorative ornaments are alien to it. One of the main ideas of the style is total unity with nature, which does not require additional paints and decorations.

The modern version of the chalet is supplemented by spacious balconies and large windows, which is associated with the resort use of houses. The decoration of your chalet home depends on the style of the chat let, the size of the rooms, and your taste. There are classic and Scandinavian chalet interior designs. However, let’s take a closer look at some important characteristics that distinguish a chalet interior and help you decorate your flat or cottage as an alpine ski resort.

Even if the chalet style is typically chosen for the colder months it doesn’t mean you can’t bring in the chalet feeling in your flat or house in summer. Moreover, you can prepare your chalet interior for the colder rainy and snowy months ahead!

  1. Incorporate rustic materials such as wood. The interior of the chalet house is a decor of natural materials: wood, stone, and textiles. Furniture and household utensils are chosen from handmade wood. The floors and ceilings are lined with planks, on the ceiling there are massive wooden beams. Decorator techniques chalet style: animal skins on the walls, stuffed animals, textile panels, and rugs with ethnic designs.
  2. It is preferable to use in the style of chalet-aged furniture of uncomplicated forms. Bringing a modern touch to the interior will allow sofas and armchairs made of leather. Using blatantly modern furniture in the style of a chalet is not acceptable. On the contrary – in this matter, it is necessary to focus on a certain exclusive rarity and to use old, but durable, or artificially aged items.
  3. Decorate the interior in earthy tones, in the color scheme of chalet prevail natural shades – the color of dark wood, beige, cream, and terracotta. The colors of natural unpainted fabrics are often used in upholstery and textiles. Accents are set with rich dark colors: chocolate, dark green, and burgundy.
  4. Decorate your home with rustic accessories. Bright textile decorations such as woolen plaids, pillows, single-colored curtains on wooden or wrought iron cornices, clay vases, and paintings would refresh the interior. Also will create the right atmosphere with shelves with books or stumps, acting as chairs and tables stand.
  5. Try to “hide” metallic and shiny surfaces with wooden panels or panels made of timber. Of course, having a home in chalet style doesn’t mean you can’t watch TV or use your laptop to enjoy films when staying at home: you need just to decorate them in the right way.
  6. A cottage kitchen

  7. The interior space of the house in chalet style involves zoning by floors and is similar to the open concept floor plan: common areas are located below, and the attic floor is allocated for bedrooms, and study. The kitchen is usually combined with the dining room. The living room can be part of a single space with the dining room and kitchen. Space, freedom, and plenty of light and air are considered the main priorities in the design of chalets.
  8. Add charm to your chalet with the overhanging eaves. This architectural rustic element made of wood or timber doesn’t just look beautiful, it protects the house from rain and show.
  9. The lighting in your chalet home must be airy and warm: try to bring in your home as much natural light as possible. Chalet-style homes always have large, picturesque panoramic windows, and this breathtaking feature makes the atmosphere in the chalet airy. You can also choose lamps and candlelight ceiling chandeliers for lighting to make the atmosphere more cozy.
  10. Think about the cozy and luxurious seating area around the roaring fire. Comfortable, luxurious, and cozy: this is how the ideal chalet interior must be. The seating area around the fire can also be decorated with furniture and details in rustic design, for example the rustic-looking table and woven baskets for storing firewood. Make your chalet a warm, soulful and inviting space for your family and friends.

And don’t forget the chalet-looking interior must be comforting and relaxing at first. You can finish the interior with vases with flowers, wooden bookshelves and scented candles: all these details can embody the charm of the chalet interior and let you enjoy this feeling.

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