How to compare gas and electricity prices

If you want to compare gas and electricity prices, perhaps the easiest way is to use a price comparison web site such as, or

We explain how the switching process works in this article and what information is required to apply to a new energy supplier.

Factors to consider when comparing energy plans

Whether you choose to use a price comparison site or an individual energy supplier site to assess your options, there are a number of factor to consider when deciding on the best plan to meet your needs.

Whist the price of the various energy plans are your primary concern, it may be sensible to evaluate other factors with a potential new energy supplier.

Firstly, check the payment options available.

Next, review the contract terms.

Go through each condition.

See if there are any exit fees in case you want to change suppliers again in the future.

Reward points and similar benefits are given out by some companies. Such perks may contribute to your decision in picking a new supplier.

Their customer service must also be looked into. Do they have online support, for example?

If you have concerns for the environment then you may well want to check out the suppliers green credentials.

Some energy suppliers use higher percentages of renewable energy than others or have carbon neutral policies with minimal environmental impact.

Aside from the ‘Big 6’, other energy suppliers include such as Bulb Energy and Ovo Energy , who should also be put into the mix for consideration as they may well offer the best energy plan for your energy needs.

As you compare energy prices online, choosing a new energy supplier is your next task.

Getting ready for the energy supplier transfer process

Switching energy supplier

Whether you opt for a comparison site or the energy supplier site, there will be a simple to use energy switching facility.

Just go to their site and get a free quote for your gas and electricity.

You have to provide information about your location, current supplier, electricity/gas usage, payment method, tariff and email address.

You’ll then get the individual supplier quote or if on a comparison site, a series of quotes from the energy suppliers in your area.

The next thing to do is to confirm whether you want to proceed with the switch. The energy supplier of comparison site will notify you via email to finalise your choice and the email will also contain the supplier’s contact details.

There is a 14 day cooling off period to allow you to cancel the switch if you change your mind.

You can learn more about switching energy suppliers with our ‘Switch energy supplier – how easy is it?’ article.

The actual energy switching process

Save money on utility bills

The most important aspect of the switching process is that there will be no interruption in your gas and electricity supplies.

Nothing needs to be done in your house as the switching arrangement are really just transfer of billing arrangements from your old supplier to your new supplier.

Your new supplier handles the switch with your old supplier, agreeing a switch-over date and informing you of when the actual change over will occur.

If you are switching both gas and electricity suppliers then there may be different dates for each fuel type.

The whole process takes about six weeks and you can rest assured that you will not be billed twice for the energy that you’ve used whilst the switching process is proceeding.

You will receive a welcome pack from your new supplier as well as a contract to sign and once everything is in place, you will then have changed energy supplier in a quick and easy way.

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