How to Choose the Right Dedicated Development Team for your Fintech Project?

Financial technology worldwide known as FinTech is one of the most crucial parts of the cutting-edge modern world. With a large number of users doing online businesses and complexities included in nearly all businesses, financial solutions have become a requirement for a business.

Those robust digital fintech solutions have shown their value by delivering the wanted output to many parts of the business. Furthermore, FinTech is invariably developing into a more advanced variant.

Conceivably this is the prime cause why several fintech projects are increasing each year and inducing fresh progressive solutions to the financial division.

Though, the reason behind the progress of any FinTech digital product is a team working dedicatedly with full concentration. As there are several benefits why fintech companies have chosen the dedicated development team approach, such as:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Fastest Turnaround time
  • Perfect for Long-term Projects
  • Lower Hourly Rates
  • Expect Efficient Management
  • High-Quality Solutions
  • Flexibility
  • Time-Saving

As per the Statista report, the digital payments division is anticipated to be the biggest market in the world. Also, the Neobanking section is assumed to display an income growth of 55.7% in 2022 and by 2025 the number of users is presumed to reach 4,913.90m users in the Digital Payments division.

Hence, weighing the popularity that the DDT model has succeeded, a huge number of fintech enterprises are now adopting a dedicated development team over creating an in-house team.

To complete an excellent business plan, you require cutting-edge technologies, along with a talented development team with the capability to build a high-quality and law-abiding FinTech software product.

1. Choose Right Company

The most essential point to creating a dedicated development team is to choose the right talent or discover the right company. The experts working for you will make your company.

To develop a secure Fintech app, it requires robust cyber security precautions and resources in choosing the right talent. For that, you need a thorough analysis before you select remote teams. Be a part of the recruitment method and interview the applicants separately before creating the team.

2. Be Clear Regarding The Roles

Clarity is necessary for any business. Especially when you are operating with remote teams, explaining everything at the start is important. You require to be transparent about the roles and expectations of each team member you have.

They should be sent upfront regarding any particular project requirements, restrictions on your end defying elements of the project, tech specifications, etc.

3. Keep Single Point Of Contact

Miscommunication, unspoken presuppositions, and juggled messages could be the greatest causes why several outsourcing projects collapse. However, by keeping a single point of contact, you can excrete this disadvantage.

This indicates you have a particular person, whether it is the SCRUM master or the project director, or the accounts handler with whom you distribute your project specifications. Just keep with one person, it will be clear and better for your project.

Remote working in a relaxed way with a laptop

4. Establish Clear Communication Channels

The following essential step is to establish clear communication channels. Communication is considered the biggest challenge in working with remote teams.

However, with the appropriate communication and remote working devices, one can be certain to evade any type of miscommunication. You can also estimate what channels to practice for project management, collaboration, comprehensive communication, etc.

5. Renew Collaboration

Several companies make the error of not colluding with the dedicated team once they have delivered out the provisions.

Even if you attempt zero responsibility in the development stage, make sure to observe the symbols of the process at the point of each sprint. Sync-up with the company and get yourself prepared for the team in case they have any problems.

6. Have A Out-and-out Screening Process

Numerous companies tend to go soft while hiring remote teams. They do not exert as much energy in selecting the applicants as they would for in-house contracting.

But, this can be a main mistake. You must have a meticulous screening process while choosing. Make sure to go by the resume of the remote team, the professional expertise, and have a technical examination as well if needed.


Fintech development outsourcing entails a high level of confidence as the developed products operate with highly sensitive customer data. Any product defect or condition issue may end in a regulatory breach, data destruction, identity fraud, etc.

As a customer, you have the power to choose the right partner to develop a hazard mitigation plan in the circumstance, where it misses to match the quality or regulatory demands.

Well once you find the best team you would not face such a problem and will be able to build the best fintech software.

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