How to be Fashionable on a Budget

Everyone likes being fashionable – there’s nothing quite like knowing you make heads turn when you walk into work or down the street. Unfortunately, it’s easier for some, more so than others because of money. Staying fashionable, it seems, requires a sizeable budget.

Fashion on a Budget

Or does it?

We’ve uncovered some tips for those who want to be fashionable, albeit on a tight budget, without having to resort to the university standard of wearing converse shoes.

A coat is imperative

A coat is one of the foundations of having a wardrobe. You need one, at the very least.

Coats can be expensive, but they’re worth splashing some cash for – a good one will take you a very long way, especially if you pick one that’s timeless.

Timeless classic coats are elegant and suitable for all kinds of events. You can’t go wrong with owning one. Two-button coats are trending again, and are very suitable in terms of their timeless appeal.

Decide what your style is

There’s no point feverishly attacking charity shops for hidden treasures unless you know what you’re looking for.

Deciding on your style will definitely save you money as well as preventing embarrassing impulse-purchases.

If you wear mostly shirts, go for a suit coat. On the other hand, if you prefer the casual look and you wear mostly t-shirts, a leather jacket or a blazer will do wonders for your t-shirt and general look.

Invest in knitwear

Cardigans are on their way back in after a short hiatus from mainstream fashion.

Charity shops are often a goldmine for some very interesting finds. You will no doubt come across some incredible items – such as big, floppy jumpers with polar bears and reindeer motifs on them. These may well be great for Christmas, but keep searching: you’ll be very surprised at what you can find.

Plain clothes

If you’re really strapped for cash, plain clothes are a good option for many, as they are easy to accentuate and highlight with an excess of accessories. A white t-shirt, for instance, could be brightened up with the appropriate scarf and hat.

Lastly – keep your eye on the sales

The sales are where you’re going to make your best acquisitions. Sign up to your favourite fashion retailers and make sure that you’re given due notice before a sale goes on. You’ll be very thankful – things you thought were too expensive will be suddenly seem very affordable during a sale.

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