How Slots Players Benefit from Free Spins in Online Casinos

With online gaming companies competing against other for new players, they use a variety of promotions to entice new players to their games. Players who like playing online slot games will be particularly attracted to games which offer free spins, so we will look in detail about what they are and how players can benefit from them in this article.

What are free spins?

You will probably know that slot games are based on “spins” in which various symbols are displayed on wheels in the slot games and prizes are awarded when the same symbols are displayed across all the wheels.

Players place a bet on each spin; however a free spin allows the player to play without placing a bet, keeping any prize that may be won without any risk of losing money. This means that players can enjoying playing their favourite slots games without risk, but online casinos offer different levels of free spins, which is why it is important to check the rules before committing to playing a new slots game.

There are several things to consider when comparing casinos that offer free spins, as we will examine now.

No deposit free spins

A slots game offering no deposit free spins is an enticing proposition to a player as they will be given a number of free spins without having to deposit any money into their accounts first.

The number of free spins a player is given varies from casino to casino. Many offer 10 free spins, but there are some offering up to 60 free spins, which gives the player an excellent opportunity to sample the game as well as potentially win prizes without any financial risk, and without making an initial deposit.

Combining free spins with cash bonuses

To make their games even more enticing to new players, some online casinos offer free spins as well as attractive cash bonuses. For example, the Daily Jackpot Slots by the Lord Ping Online Casino offers 35 free spins and a £50 cash bonus. You have to make a first deposit of £20 or more to be eligible for this offer, but it does provide an exciting and enjoyable introduction into their slots game.

If a player is willing to make a cash deposit, there are many opportunities to benefit from free spin and bonus offers, so it really pays to shop around for the best deal.

Are there any catches to free spin offers?

As with any deal, you should always read the fine print in the terms and conditions, however in general online casinos make reasonable demands in return for the bonuses offered to new players. These conditions often impose a time limit in which the free spins can be used, and if a cash bonus is being awarded, a maximum prize that can be won.

If an initial deposit is required, as often occurs when there are cash bonuses available, then casinos will often impose a minimum value of that deposit. In addition, some many also demand that you have wagered a minimum amount before you can withdraw your bonus, or any cash prizes that you may have won from the free spins.


Players looking for new games and challenges in online casinos stand to benefit form the intense competition between the various casinos. To tempt players away from the competition, online casinos offer various incentives such as free spins and cash bonuses.

Some require initial cash deposits, and many don’t, but it always pays to understand what the T&Cs are before signing up for a new game, however tempting it may sound. There are some great deals available, so you have a good opportunity to explore new slots games as well a benefitting from risk free spins and prizes too.

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