How to save money on a vacation?

Vacations are to unleash your inner child and enjoy every minute spent in a foreign land. We make elaborate plans and lists to visit different tourist spots and activities to do but how often we think of saving money while on vacation?

Most of the time we work to save and spend on vacation, but here we give you some cool hacks that will make your vacation memorable without spending a fortune:

Opt for a package holiday

Most of the people book a flight separately and hotel separately on reaching the destination. But you can save a lot if you book a package by a reputed travel operator including the flight and accommodation. It will not only cut your budget and increase savings but will also save time spent on finding a hotel.

Pack all essential items

Seldom we pack important stuff like clothes and shoes but give a miss to floaters or brush or toiletries. This leads to increase in expenditure during the trip as one has to buy it in a foreign land where it might be expensive. Also, it is an unnecessary expenditure that can be avoided easily if you pack correctly.

Choose Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is critical if you are going on a long trip overseas. Accident or injury in a foreign land can be expensive and can ruin your whole trip. Get travel insurance for a limited period and stay insured even in a foreign land.

Carry a Prepaid Card

Smart travellers always opt for pre-booking and advance payments as this sets the direction of the trip and keeps the budget in check. Even while you are travelling carry with you a prepaid card rather than a credit card as it will limit your spending power whereas a credit card will give you the flexibility of payment leading to overdraft on your account and EMI trap that will stay with you for months even after the vacation.A credit card being presented

Opt for local dishes

Rather than opting for exquisite cuisines in five-star restaurants how about trying authentic local dishes at local restaurants? It’s true dining in a fine 5-star restaurant is enticing, but it is expensive. In fact trying local dishes at local restaurants will give you an authentic taste and also keep your budget in check.

Opt for public transport

Ditch the private cabs and opt for public transportation. It will cut the expenses and make you connect with the citizens of the country. It will help you explore different places that might not be famous but worth taking a halt.

To conclude, these are some of the clever hacks that will make your vacation not just exciting but also you will explore more with localities. Getting in touch with the culture, traditions, and folks in a foreign land will surely add to the memories and enrich your travelling experience. So follow these clever hacks and make your travelling experience fun, exciting and in the budget.

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