How Much Did You Lose Before Your Wedding Day?

I realise this post may not be compelling reading for all but just reading an article in the Daily Mail on ‘Brides lose stone ahead of the big day (but start to pile it back on during the homeymoon), I felt compelled to write.

My immediate thought was wow! really? Then I reflected on my own Wedding Day….and whilst I didn’t go specifically on a diet, I did actually lose quite a lot of weight before it. And there’s no question I cannot now fit into my Wedding Day outfit, so the weight (and more) has been put back on!

According to the article in the Mail, many order a wedding dress that’s too small just to make sure they do lose the weight they want to. Some 10% manage to slim down by a staggering 2 stone or more.

It’s not just dieting that causes the weight loss though – it’s the stress of the Wedding Day too. All the organisation, sorting out the venue, food, entertainment, who will be the bridesmaid(s), what about the Best Man…..and who will be invited??? Yes it brings the memories flooding back!

A fantastic day though and then we jetted off to Mauritius for our honeymoon, what a fantastic honeymoon destination….and yes I guess I did start to relax and enjoy married life and start to put the weight back on, as apparently 61 per cent of brides admit to doing.

I am still going to the gym though, and using my Wii Fit. Haven’t yet decided whether gym membership is a must, more on that another time!

Meantime if your Wedding Day is approaching, or you’re just starting to plan it – Good luck! But for me, where is that pack of chocolate biscuits??

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