How our insurance broker got me a great deal on my car insurance

I’m sorting out my car insurance and just like everyone should, I’ve been scouting around for the best deal.  It actually came from our insurance broker and here is how.

Lets start out with my quote from Direct Line.  We all know that they offer low cost quotes, as long as your requirements are pretty standard.  My quote from them was £332.

I then used a car insurance price comparison site and quotes started at £310. There are obviously some good deals to be had there so why didn’t I buy the insurance through GoCompare?

The answer lies in what the cheap policies don’t provide and this is very important when it comes to actually needing to claim on the insurance, which we all hope we won’t have to do.

Here is the list of benefits that Direct Line and the other policies were not covering that the car insurance I bought via the insurance broker does:

  • £100 excess – Direct Line and the others had £250 excess
  • Includes full roadside breakdown cover for both our cars
  • Replacement car

Note that these are all benefits that you hope you don’t need, but are invaluable if you do have a problem.  For example, what happens if you rely on your car yet it is off the road being repaired for two weeks after an accident?  A hire car for two weeks will cost hundreds of  pounds.

The same applies to the breakdown cover.  RAC roadside assistance starts at £28 per year for one car, but increases to £61 to cover two cars.

So how much did I pay for my car insurance via our broker?  I paid £399.  Yes that costs more than the other quotes but add RAC cover for two cars to Direct Line’s quote and you get a total of £393, but you don’t get a replacement car and have a higher excess all for a £6 a year saving.  Not good if you need them.

There are other benefits in using a insurance broker that companies such as Direct Line don’t want you to know, but I’ll save those for another blog post.

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