How Fleet Managers Can Improve Their Operations

The beginning of the year is a great time for fleet managers to consider the past year’s challenges and determine how to improve upon those issues. As a fleet manager, your responsibility is the safety of your drivers, as well as the vehicles’ effectiveness. There are a few things you can do to improve your operations this year.

Expanding the Use of Fleet Technology

It’s a good idea to spend some time exploring new technology available for your fleet. You might go for an app that reduces planning, or you might change the monitoring systems in each vehicle. One of the benefits of tracking systems is that you will know where each vehicle is at all times. You can use GPS fleet tracking software and solutions to track with real-time data. This year, consider using several new technologies to find one that works for your organization.

Using Feedback

The route is a critical part of ensuring the delivery arrives on time. However, even the best routing software and plan has its issues. Using artificial intelligence is helpful when planning the route, but you should also use feedback from drivers to determine how effective the planning is.

Encourage drivers to give feedback on parts of the road that should be avoided because of weather, construction, or simply bad timing of the traffic lights. Test these routes to find the routes that make the most sense for that region. You can also listen to driver feedback on work conditions to try to improve them as much as possible. A good driver program is critical when it comes to developing skills and balancing work and life. Get feedback on how satisfied your employees are.

Upgrading Customer Service

You need to understand your customer journey to successfully handle servicing needs. It’s a good idea to reduce the amount of time you are on the phone with customers, as this frees up more time to devote to your business. Customer service can be time-consuming, especially when your clients are wondering when the delivery will arrive.

The good news is that technology can prevent the need for so much time spent on the phone. When you track your fleet, you can provide the customer with real-time updates. They can log onto a dashboard and see where the delivery is and what the estimated window of arrival is. You can also automate the process of answering questions from your clients.

Encourage Hands-Free Technology

It’s important for any technology used in the cab to be useful and safe for both the company and the driver. While certain technology can make the vehicle safer to driver, it can also be distracting for the driver. They need to look at a screen to receive directions as their route is mapped out. The good news is that there are plenty of ways of utilizing hands-free technology.

Try to use voice-activated controls that do not require the driver to look at the screen or tap it while the vehicle is moving. The dangers of distracted driving are significant. Which is exactly why it’s a good idea to look for devices that have features to minimize any distractions.

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