How to EARN money by switching to Bulb Energy

I have decided to switch energy supplier to Bulb as our electricity and gas bills should be lower and I like helping the environment with their green energy sources. I have also found that I will not only be saving money, but I can earn money by switching to Bulb.

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The great news is that anybody can earn money by switching to Bulb. Here is how to do it.

Bulb are running a refer a friend scheme

Bulb are running a refer a friend scheme to help them build a large and solid customer base.

It’s a clever and effective idea because “word of mouth” schemes like this cost less than conventional advertising, and are generally a very effective way to acquire new customers.

Kudos to Bulb for this scheme, which is also very generous, as I will explain.

If you want to sign up to Bulb Energy, click here to get a quote!

  1. Bulb will credit your account with £50 if you have been referred by “a friend” when you switch to them.
  2. Bulb will also credit the account of the friend who made the referral with £50 too!

The great news is that there are currently no limits on the number of people that you can refer, so the more “friends” who switch to Bulb using your link, the more money is credited to your Bulb account.

Friends and partnership concept

This means that if you are successful in finding friends who want to switch to Bulb, you may get free gas and electricity for month after month!

This is a very generous offer from Bulb and they state that they may have to reduce the reward or even stop it altogether in the future.

So you should latch onto this great plan as soon as you can!

Do this to save £50 when you switch and then start earning by referring friends yourself

This is what you do to earn a £50 credit to your account, and then start referring friends to Bulb yourself to earn an additional £100 credit for every person who you refer to them.

It is very quick and simple, so this is how to start saving and earning now:

  1. Sign up to Bulb.
  2. When your Bulb account has been created go to your Bulb “My Account” page.
  3. There is a personal link displayed on your “refer a friend” page. Use that link to give to your friends and family or find innovative ways to promote it.
  4. You will earn a £50 credit into your Bulb account for every person you refer, and so will they.
  5. That’s it. It is very simple and straightforward!

It’s not just about the earning potential

I didn’t know about this fantastic referral scheme when I decided to switch to Bulb.

Read about my experience of switching to Bulb here – it’s been great!

Green energy concept

I was initially attracted to them when I wrote a news article about how Bulb is reducing their energy prices when the larger energy companies like EDF are increasing their gas and electricity charges.

I like the fact that not only will we save money by switching to Bulb, but we will be using 100% renewable electricity and 10% of our gas will also come from renewable sources.

So this way to earn money by helping them find new customers is a great bonus to an already very attractive proposition.

I don’t know for how long Bulb can sustain such a generous refer a friend scheme but if you like what Bulb are doing then I seriously recommend that you benefit from it too.

Get started now and set up you own link once your account has been created and your switch to this excellent energy supplier is completed.

Update 15 November 2017

Bulb Energy are now offering a £100 sign up bonus for both the person switching, and for the referrer.

This is a staggering deal, but is a limited time offer as it expires at midnight on Monday 20th November. You can read more about this fantastic switching deal, but don’t hesitate and sign up to Bulb in this post to create your account with them (and therefore switch to them) and then start earning this amazing referrer bonus yourself!

Update 24th November 2017

The Bulb Energy offer of a £100 credit, has now finished. Their refer a friend referral scheme is still very good, as it has returned to £50 payable to the switcher and referrer.

If you want to sign up to Bulb Energy, click here to get a quote!


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