How Can You Save Money When Moving Home?

You’ve finally done it, you’ve found the house of your dreams and the moving day is booked in and ready to go. But all the extra costs are starting to creep in, so how can you keep them at bay and save money when it comes to moving day?

Save money when moving

You may have thought all the spending was over and done with once you’d bought your house, but now you are faced with the cost of moving all your belongings to your new home.

These costs are the little things that slowly start to mount up, but there are ways to stop them putting a dent in your budget.

Save money on labour

You don’t have to hire the man with the van to move all your old stuff to your new home, even though the ease of it can be tempting.

Grabbing your friends and family and bribing them with some free food can save you a lot of money in the long run.

You also don’t have to worry about them not turning up or cancelling last minute.

If you’ve got some pieces of furniture that you want to keep but don’t know where to put it, renting a self-storage unit, like the ones available at Storebox, can help you organise your home the way you want.

These storage units are safe and secure and are a big help when it comes to moving all your possessions to a new location.

Save money on food

You may not have even thought about food being a problem cost, but more often than not, the cost of endless takeaways and chippy teas can add up.

It’s easy to fall into the takeaway trap when you’re moving house, as your kitchen stuff may be packed away in boxes or you may be waiting for a brand new fridge.

Why not plan your meals ahead of time and make a few meals that can either be heated up in the microwave, or better yet, eaten cold.

Save money on transport

If you’re moving large pieces of furniture, hiring a van becomes unavoidable, unless you have someone in the family with one you can use. Instead of going for the nearest van rental, have a shop around and grab some quotes in advance.

You may be able to barter with your rental company of choice to get a better rate.

Save money on furniture

A new home can be the perfect excuse to splash out on new furniture, but if you need many key pieces all at once, the cost may be too much.

It’s always nice to buy sofas, wardrobes and bed frames new, but second hand or charity shop furniture can save you hundreds of pounds.

Charity shops like St Rocco’s have specialist furniture shops that sell high quality furniture at low prices.

You can even use sites like Gumtree to pick up a free sofa or two from people looking to get rid of spare pieces.

With a little bit of planning and forward thinking, you can avoid all the hidden extras that could result in an expensive move.

Utilise the free facilities that are already at your disposal and you might even find you have a completely stress free move.

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