9 Best Home Remedies for Burns and Scalds

People often go to the hospital for burns, but you can treat your scald or burns at home using remedies. The treatment also depends on how severe the burn is. The minor burns can be treated by yourself and reduce the pain.

A burn may be very painful and result in severe skin damage. You should learn the ways to reduce the burning pain and keep some items at home as instant treatment will lower the risks of infection.

There are four degrees of burn, and you can only treat the first two degrees at home as you need to consult a doctor for third and fourth degrees.

You should not believe in myths but try only proven home remedies. I visited my family pain specialist in Karachi as he shared some home remedies, which I will discuss in the following section.

Proven Ways to Treat Burn At Home

1. Clean your burn

To prevent the burn from infections, it is crucial to clean your burn or scald. Never scrub your burn to clean it thoroughly, as it only makes it worse. You should use mild antibacterial soap. Not cleaning the burning leads to an infection that does not allow it to heal properly. In such a condition, you should visit a doctor or if you have severe burn pain, book your appointment with a pain management specialist.

2. Don’t forget bandages

If you have a minor or first second-degree burn, you do not need a bandage. When you notice a discharge from your wound, you need a bandage as it will not let the dirt enter your skin. Blisters increase the chances of infections.

3. Use Antibiotic Creams

Do you have antibiotic creams at home?

If you haven’t yet, buy them and keep them in your cupboard.

Burn with open blisters increases the infection risks and will not allow it to heal properly. Antibiotic creams prevent infections and let your scald or burn heal fast.

4. Prevent yourself from sunlight

In sunny weather, you should not go outside. Keeping your burn-in shade results in less pain and lower the risk of deepening the burn. The reason is crystal clear that burned skin will be sensitive to the sun.

5. Apply Honey

We can’t deny honey sweetness and its important benefits to maintain a healthy body. One of the most important facts is that it has healing powers. If you have a minor burn, apply some honey. It has anti-inflammatory properties along with antibacterial properties.

6. Leave Your Blisters Alone

People often burst the blisters that cause infection and lead to an improper healing process. If you have blisters due to burns, don’t pop them. If you feel pain while doing an activity due to blisters, consult with your doctor and get medical treatment.

7. Go with Nature Gift Aloe Vera

Researchers say that Aloe Vera has healing properties and is used for first-second-degree burns. It is an anti-inflammatory plant that increases circulation and does not allow the bacteria to grow. You should apply the gel directly on the burn but ensure that you use a pure Aloe Vera Gel.

8. Pain Medications

Sometimes, you can feel for longer after having a burn or a scald. You should take a painkiller to lower the inflammation. Experts from Anklesaria hospital share that ibuprofen is an effective pain reliever that helps to reduce pain.

9. Run Cool Water

Last but not least, cool water is an effective way to reduce your pain instantly. Ensure that you run cool water on the burned area as it will lower the redness and give you relief from pain.

You should never believe in myths, such as:

  • Toothpaste
  • Egg whites
  • Ice
  • Butter
  • Oil

Final Thoughts

You must visit your doctor if the burn does not heal or get infected as it can worsen over time. You should check your wound if you feel any smell, get medical help instantly. If you have a third-degree burn, never do anything, or it can lead to blood loss, complications, etc.

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