Home Improvements That Can Add Value To Your Property

The property market is incredibly competitive. Homeowners looking to sell need to be prepared to be hit with the reality that their homes aren’t up to scratch to demand the price they are hoping for. But worry not! There are many ways you can give your home a new lease of life, bumping up your house valuation.

Deal With Major Structural Problems

Identifying and addressing major structural problems must be at the top of your agenda if you’re looking to hike up the selling price of your home.

Potential buyers will be swiftly turned off by issues like insect infestations, damp, structural cracks, and leaks.

Fixing these issues may be costly and time-consuming, but ultimately, you’ll see great rewards when you sell your home at a jaw-dropping price.

Cosmetic and Superficial Issues

After dealing with larger-scale problems that may be present in your home, there are many inexpensive fixes you can do to spruce up your home, making it more appealing to viewers.

Progress from the outside-in and think about how your home looks to strangers from the side of the road. This will create a strong impression to viewers straight away. Have you got peeling paint on the door and window panes? Is your door number hanging off? Are there weeds congregated all the way up the garden path?

Start by fixing external aesthetics, like re-painting or replacing the front door, pruning foliage, and adding a new house number or name panel.

Inside, investigate the house for mould on sealant in the bathroom or kitchen, dirty walls, squeaky doors and floors, and broken light bulbs.

Cumulatively, addressing these seemingly minor issues will increase the value of your property.

Cook Up A Snazzy Kitchen

The kitchen is often the primary focus for many home viewers. A clean, well-designed, functional kitchen holds major appeal for potential buyers. If it’s not up to their standards, it’s the first thing they would look to replace.

You don’t necessarily need to install an entirely new kitchen. You can easily work with what you have and spruce it up so it feels brand new.

Simple steps like painting the units, replacing cupboard handles, installing nice and bright lighting, and having a decent oven will really liven up the room.

Decent storage is held in high regard by viewers, so if you can’t extend cupboards, see where you can install nifty storage solutions. Floating shelves on unused walls are a great start.

Freshen Up The Bathroom

After the kitchen, a fresh and hygienic bathroom is next on the checklist for potential buyers. A run-down looking bathroom might indicate a lack of care for the home as a whole, so home viewers may be put off your home if your bathroom isn’t well cared for.

You can increase the value of your home by giving your bathroom a simple makeover.

Giving the walls a lick of paint in a neutral colour will give it a fresher feel. Replacing shower curtains with a glass screen will make it look more attractive. Ensure that you re-grout areas looking worse for wear and deal with any limescale build-up.

If you have sanitaryware that is stained or in dated colours like avocado or peach, or you have carpeted flooring, it will be very damaging to the value of your property if you don’t replace these. A pristine white bathroom suite and easily cleaned vinyl or tile flooring are musts for universal appeal.

You can take it a step further and add even more value to your home by installing a heated towel rail or underfloor heating for an extra sense of luxury.

A wheelbarrow with tulips in a garden

The Great Outdoors

A tidy and well-designed garden is a major pull factor for potential buyers. Investing a little TLC into your outdoor space will add a great deal of value to your home.

Chop back trees and bushes that are overgrowing and clean your pathways of mud and weeds.

Privacy is really important too – a garden should be an area to unwind in without the worry of nosey neighbours overlooking.

It’s a great idea to design your garden with distinct areas for socialisation, cooking, or for storage. Demonstrating clearly how the user can use the garden will help them to envision themselves in your home better, which will attract them more. Installing decking, a shed, and lighting will help you to break up the space.

Energy Efficiency

Modern home buyers increasingly demand eco-friendly technologies in their homes, both to save them money and reduce their carbon footprint. Appealing to these desires will definitely add value to your home.

There are many basic steps you can take to make your home more energy-efficient. Bristol double glazing all the windows, sealing drafts, and insulating your loft are musts.

Smart technologies like a Nest system are also sought after by environmentally and budget-conscious home buyers, so installing these systems will benefit you.

Convert Your Loft

If the potential value of your home is hindered by a lack of space, you can cost-effectively expand by converting your loft into another bedroom.

This is far cheaper than an extension and generally doesn’t involve seeking planning permission, so can be done more quickly.

As long as the conversion is in keeping with the style of the rest of the property and provides a valuable, practical space, it will add a lot of value to your home.

Watch Your Property Valuation Soar

A combination of these recommended home improvements will significantly increase the valuation of your property, making it more attractive to the average buyer.

Simple steps to liven up a space can make a great difference, whilst larger projects will send your property value shooting upwards.

Keep in mind the needs and desires of your potential buyers and craft a home that will have the bids rolling in.


  1. Thanks, it is useful. Here are my 3 tips on how expensive to sell an apartment.
    – Paint the apartment blue or gray
    It is possible that you like wallpaper in a rose, bright walls or something else non-standard. Then it will be hard for you to find buyers, most of whom prefer a neutral style. It is not worth spending a lot on improvement, it may not pay off. It is best to contact specialists from sites-directories with contractors
    – Get rid of unpleasant smell
    If it smells of tobacco, animals, sewage, alcohol or building materials, then it can alienate buyers. Buy a good air freshener for bathrooms and rooms, ventilate the apartment and fill it with pleasant aromas. Do not overdo it, smells should be moderate.
    – Hire a professional photographer, beautiful photos attract more people

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