High Yielding Investment Without the High Risk

Most people are afraid to get their money into investments because for one, there are a lot of investing opportunities available through different channels such as bank, the stock market, and other financial institutions. It is just overwhelmingly too many options that you just need to study one by one and assess which is the right one for you. Secondly, handling and talking about money is a daunting road to go through because there are just so many factors that could affect it like economic crises, inflation, national debts, and so much more.

You would think that you would really need to be knowledgeable about money, finances, and investments before you could earn a decent yield with investments, but that is not entirely the case. If you are looking for high return investments, you would not need to open up a whole book of Investments for Dummies and read it before you could enter into one. You could actually have a high yielding investment without actually going through such a high a risk and without having to put your eggs in so many baskets.

Buy to Let, but with Cars

Buy to let investments usually involve properties – mostly residential but could also be for commercial purposes. With this type of investment, you would need constant managing of the property with monthly set expenses in dealing with the maintenance and upkeep and as well as possible repairs. You would be lucky if you could find a long-term lessee, but if not, it would be really hard to have a steady income that would give you a return on your investment.

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A lower risk version of buy to let is actually available now and you do it with cars. It is a much better move to make because 1) cars are way less expensive than houses or apartments, and 2) it is pretty much a hands-off investment earning opportunity. That is right, you read it correctly. With buy to let cars, you would not have to set aside money for monthly maintenance or repairs expenses. Not only that, but you would not also have to look for someone who would lease out the car – they will do all of it for you.

Earning Opportunities

With some high yielding return investments, you would have to keep your money in it for the long run around five to ten years. But with buy to let cars, you would be fully paid for your investment in a span of three years, with monthly repayments. By the end of the month after you have been fully paid back, you would be able to get the interest you earned on the investment. Annual highs reach about 11% paid interest to investors – just imagine if you get the same percentage interest, by the end of the investment you would be up by 33% of your original money!

The reason for the high interest gain as an investor is because lessees being targeted are those people with bad credit ratings. Because of such a credit rating, lessors are able to charge a higher percentage for the monthly lease payments.

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Guarantees As An Investor

One of the guarantees you have as an investor in buy to let cars is that you are still the listed owner of the car with the company only as the keeper of the asset. In an event when the company would file for bankruptcy and you still have not gotten your full investment back, you have the authority to put the vehicle up for sale or repossession and get claims on the proceeds of the sale.

Also, in a case wherein the car you invested on is not anymore being paid for by the lessee and it could not be any more be leased out to another user, the company would guarantee a repayment of up to at least 85% of your initial investment so you do not have such a huge capital loss. However, since all of the lease applications are being carefully screened one by one, this is an unlikely scenario to happen.

The best guarantee you have as an investor with buy to let cars is receiving monthly payments every 25th – and this is without fail. With buy to let cars, you would not have to scramble each month if you have urgent expenses that just suddenly came up, because you would have the money coming in for you. You do not even have to put in the extra effort, work and time, for your money to grow and flourish. All you have to do is to wait for every 25th of the month, go to your bank, and withdraw the funds from your account. There are no headaches, no fuss, no worries, and no hassles. It is that easy!

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