High oil prices – plan now for winter home insulation

High oil prices are going to hit us all hard in autumn as the costs of heating our homes soar. Now is the time to be buying loft insulation, particularly with all the Bank Holiday sales in the DIY stores.

High oil prices are featuring frequently on MoneyHighStreet as we are concerned about the impact of the rising costs of oil on our everyday lives.

Oil is currently trading at $135 per barrel, and is more than likely to increase throughout this year. The costs of heating your home next winter will be significantly higher than they were last winter, and they were bad enough then.

Summer is the time to great great deals on all forms of home insulation so take advantage of that now.

Homebase, for example, are giving a 10% discount on all products today and tomorrow so buy as many rolls of loft insulation as you can fit in the car.

Modern loft insulation is very easy to install, taking only a few minutes per roll, so you will benefit greatly when the days are getting colder, even with more expensive energy costs.

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