Health and Safety Pitfalls Your Start-up Needs to be Aware Of

When starting up your own business, there are so many exciting things going on that Health and Safety is probably the last thing you’re thinking about.

However, with laws in the UK being so stringent it’s a good idea to boost it further up your list of priorities to stay on the right side of the law.

So why is following H&S regulations so important to your business?

  • To reduce days lost to illness and injury
  • To protect your reputation
  • To protect your business from any legal problems

What Are the Key Things I need to Look Out For?

Electrical Equipment

Faulty electrical equipment is a huge problem. All electrical equipment in your workspace must be PAT tested to ensure it is safe to use. It’s vital that you get a qualified assessor in to check out all your electrical equipment and keep a record of this.

First Aid

All businesses need to have the ‘adequate and appropriate’ first aid equipment at hand. This can vary depending on the number of employees you have and the nature of your business. Common things to be aware of are replenishing stock in the first aid boxes and making sure your designated first aider attends the relevant annual refresher course such as CPR and firstaid training in Toronto.


If you work in an office environment, then DSE equipment is going to be one of your biggest health and safety areas to think about. Employees who are computer based must be encouraged to take regular breaks from their screen and vary their activity. Their equipment should be DSE assessed by a qualified assessor in order to make sure that it is fit for purpose for the individual.

Manual Handling

A key concern for any small business which involves employees carrying anything is manual handling. Training should be given to employees so that they can bend and lift appropriately without injuring themselves. Any required equipment such as step ladders to reach higher shelving should be provided by your business, you can find most things you may need available at European Handling Equipment.

Small businesses can very easily implement health and safety laws which don’t need to cost too much money or taker up too much time. By keeping these key Health and Safety concerns in mind when establishing your business and checking with the Health and Safety Act of 1974 any changes you make to ensure it complies with the correct legislation, you’ll be able to avoid falling into any Health and Safety legal battles.

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