Have you tried Swagbucks?

If you’ve tried cashback sites or want to earn virtual currency doing the things you do every day online it might be time to check out Swagbucks – I have and I’m hooked!

Earn Virtual Currency Free

Swagbucks enables you to earn virtual currency for doing such simple things as submitting polls or surveys, completing special offers, watching videos or shopping from your favourite retailer.

It takes the offering of a cashback site to another level.

You undertake an activity that a retailer wants you to engage with, perhaps watch a trailer for a new film or fill in a poll, and in return you get ‘Swagbucks’.

You can then use these Swagbucks to either

  • make a purchase from a number of well known retailers, such as Marks and Spencer, Pizza Express and Amazon or
  • enter a Swagstakes, where you bid a number of Swagbucks to enter into a draw to win something, for example currently you can enter for the opportunity to win an iPad Mini or iPod Touch, or an e-gift card from such as Amazon or New Look.

In a nut shell Swagbucks earn their revenue from getting an activity completed for an advertiser, complete a survey for example. They give you, the user, a slice of that revenue in the form of Swagbucks, rather than cash back, which you can use to make a purchase or enter a stake win something of greater value.

All this without having to outlay any of your own money.

Is earning Swagbucks virtual currency for free too good to be true?

To be honest I did wonder but having used it for a couple of weeks now, I feel it is very much true.

Interestingly enough, with so much focus at the moment on how to save money this is in fact a potential way to make money, or at least virtual currency that you can really get great benefit from.

I started off by registering on the Swagbucks site and earning some virtual currency for just completing my profile. All very easy and straightforward, a great start.

I then started watching videos, including trailers for forthcoming films. This is what I do anyway, now I’m doing it and earning. For example today I’ve watched the trailer for the Brad Pitt film World War Z, looks like a great film and one I’ll be watching.

I’ve had a little go with Swagstakes. This is where you can win a big prize for a small price. The Swagstakes are divided into Limited Entry contests, which are open to only a select number of entrants, and Limited Time contests which offer deep discounts for snagging multiple entries.

I’ve entered on the time limited option to win a Kindle Fire and some more Swag Bucks but didn’t get lucky. I’m currently entered for a couple of limited entry contests, one to win an Apple MacPro and one a £500 Amazon e-Gift card. Still more entrants are required on this latter one but I am of course hopeful I’ll be the lucky winner – I’ll let you know the outcome in due course.

Finally, you may be wondering, who are Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is powered by Prodege LLC and launched in the US 6 years ago. It launched in the UK just over a year ago and are rapidly growing their user numbers over here – there are now some 6 million users worldwide albeit currently the majority are located in the US.

Right now I’m going to watch another video, earn some more virtual currency. This time I’m going to be learning about square water melons, whilst earning at the same time!

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