Have You Considered a Hen Pamper Party?

When preparing for her wedding it is no surprise that a bride-to-be is swamped with important decisions and choices. How many guests, and who to invite, where to hold the ceremony, the dress of course, and where to go for the honeymoon. It’s an exciting and stressful time so when it comes to organising a hen party, the stressed bride-to-be might want to consider holding a hen pamper party for her dearest friends before embarking on perhaps more raucous hen activities.

We look at what a hen pamper party is and how they can be fun and relaxing, in this article.

What is a hen pamper party?

A hen pamper party is often held at home and is designed to make the guests feel pampered by offering them various spa treatments. Qualified mobile therapists visit the party and pamper each guest with a range of treatments such as massage, facial, manicure or pedicures. Some party planners can also offer more advanced holistic treatments such as Indian head massage or reflexology.

The costs of pamper parties depends on the number of guests and what treatment is to be offered. Party arrangers often charge according to the time that each guest will receive their treatments.

Making the pamper party more interesting

Pamper parties are all about being looked after in a relaxing and luxurious way, which makes them ideal for the bride-to-be in the stressful run up to her wedding.

As many of the treatments are about health and vitality, it might be sensible to consider supplying guests with some healthy fruit juices in the same way that some up-market spas offer health drinks to their customers. A company such as Green Press Juice can supply you with a wide range of health drinks which will add to the upmarket feel of your party.

Having mentioned the relaxing nature of pamper parties, some party planners can spice up the event with naked Butlers and other entertainers which are probably best for a lively evening party.

Pamper parties are not just for hen parties!

As girls are aware of their appearance and many are interested in make-up and skin treatments, holding a mobile pamper or spa birthday party can be a great choice for a teen or tween.

Similar to a hen pamper party, the spa treatments offered at the party will depend on the ages of the guests and for how long each guest will be pampered. They may also involve makeup sessions which would be ideal if the guests are going to go out for the evening.

To make the party a bit more special, some companies such as Spartygirl.com can supply a range of birthday gift boxes that contain age appropriate items such as makeup, bath bombs and skin treatments. These can be handed out to the guests at the end of the party, thereby solving that conundrum about what should go in the party bags!

There are plenty of ways to hold inexpensive parties, but if you want a relaxing and memorable hen party with some great friends then a hen pamper party could be a good choice. As it is likely to require a number of beauty therapists, it is unlikely to be a cheap option, however you and your friends will certainly enjoy the pampering and de-stressing before the big day.

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