Gym Session And Heir Hunters, Great Combination

It’s been a while since I went to a morning gym session but I did today and was fascinated by an episode of the BBC1 program Heir Hunters, following the work of probate researchers.

For the last few weeks I have been concentrating on classes at the gym, mainly Combat and Spinning, with the odd Legs, Bums and Tums (or LBTs) thrown in. I generally like to leave a session feeling hot and sweaty having burnt loads of calories (well enough to eat a Twix perhaps!), that said I do find LBTs in some ways the hardest class, not high impact but boy does it have deep impact just where you need it!!

Anyway, for one reason or another I ended up in the gym this morning, not in a class.

It was a nice change and made me realise that I do need to make sure I do both gym and class sessions as the different exercise routines really do help with the muscle toning and calorie burning.

I do like the gym too as I get to watch a bit of TV while I workout! Idon’t manage to watch much at home. Other than a weekly fix of Holby, at the moment any TV I do watch is actually DVD box sets – finished Series 1 of the Shield last night, fantastic – worry is Amazon are not due to deliver Series 2 until at least tomorrow…..what will I do tonight??

But back to the gym, whilst I was on the running machine (gradient, fast walk rather than run I hasten to add) Heir Hunters was on. I do like Family History and have spent some time trying to trace my own although, as yet, haven’t got very far.

Heir Hunters uses techniques as used in tracing family history to try and link people with money they stand to inherit from long-forgotten relations. It’s fascinating.

According to the program, some 300,000 people die each year without leaving a will and if no relatives are found then any money left behind goes to the Government.

Heir Hunters step in to try and trace relatives to benefit from money left in an estate. There are over 30 such companies in the UK and they get a percentage of the estate value for their work.They appear to be extremely hungry for business which to be honest left a rather sour taste for me.

Whilst perhaps good that relatives can benefit from their work, the better option is of course to have a will, stipulating very clearly who the executors of your estate are and who the beneficiaries are.

It brings home the importance of planning your future, making sure your estate is dealt with you as you want it to be.

And you can’t just focus on what happens after your death either. There’s also such as a Lasting Power of Attorney to consider – this covers you should you become unable to deal with your financial matters or your health and well being.

As I write this though I am acutely aware that our own will needs updating and we are long overdue an appointment with our solicitors to go through their draft update – a task now moved up my To Do list for higher priority, it must be done.

I’ll also be watching more episodes of Heir Hunters, if not at the gym then on iPlayer.

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