Gym membership is a must… I think

So the snow is melting and I finally made it back to the gym this morning! Have to say I feel quite liberated and indeed very pleased with myself, as well as of course having burned some calories.

I concentrated this morning on the aerobic exercise and did 45 minutes on the cross trainer. I burned just over 300 calories whilst watching the BBC program Heir Hunters.  A program which has an element of genealogy in it which I rather like and it’s a great one to get engrossed in and forget all the hard exercise I’m doing!

I actually feel like I worked harder today than I was doing last week when just using the Nintendo Wii Fit Plus and balance board. I realise though this may be partly down to the fact that I’m still a novice with the Wii Fit and don’t yet know all its fitness programs.

Interesting to read about the research which shows that 10% of Brits admit they are often no-shows at the gym and will be cancelling their membership to save money – I’m clearly not alone on this question of keeping fit and saving money.

As Emma Walker, head of protection at said: ‘New Year is often the time when people make promises to themselves to be healthier, but with gym membership costing as much as £500 a year, people are reviewing their disposable income and deciding they simply cannot afford the costs this year.

For those who do commit to the gym and work out on a regular basis it’s worth knowing there are life insurance and critical illness policies out there that reward a healthy lifestyle. PruProtect’s Vitality programme for example offers subsidised gym membership and is available at competitive prices3; it is designed to encourage policyholders to take control of a healthy lifestyle and also offers the potential to manage future premiums.”

Sounds great and something to consider.

First off I’m trying to decide whether I should keep up my gym membership, just use the Wii Fit plus and balance board or use both.

I’m starting to think I’m actually going to need to keep my gym membership AND make sure I use the Wii Fit and balance board. Haven’t really firmed my thinking and certainly no decisions quite yet though!

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