A Great Home Cinema Without Breaking the Bank

If you have considered having your own home cinema system but always thought that it was too expensive, then you should definitely reconsider.

While the technology was indeed very expensive in the early days, home cinema systems have become increasingly affordable as the market grows and new technical advances arise. As with any new technology, prices go down with improved manufacturing techniques, and after manufacturers have invested in start-up infrastructure.

So, indeed, you can install a home cinema system that falls well within the budget of the average consumer. The difference in quality between these systems and ordinary televisions is impressive. You will feel like you are at a movie cinema watching from a wide screen, high definition plasma, LCD or LED TV screen. The advanced surround sound systems also closely resemble the experience of watching films at a commercial cinema.

In order to set up your own system, you will first need a room that will be used just for this purpose. The room can be acoustically insulated with soundproofing board on the walls and ceilings. Or you can have a contractor soundproof the room, but that would of course require a significant extra expense.

The room should be kept dark during viewing and it is usually best to have light coloured walls for higher reflectivity. If the room has windows, you will need heavy curtains to keep out sunlight. Fibre optic or LED ceiling lights can be used to create a cinema-like atmosphere.

The setup of the home cinema equipment is important in achieving the highest quality viewing experience. Do not select the largest televisions without taking into consideration the size of the room. Each TV screen has an ideal distance from which one should sit in order to get the best viewing quality. So you will not want a screen with distance requirements that are too great for your home cinema room.

The centre speaker should be placed behind the screen if possible and also as close to the screen as possible. Alternatively you can locate the centre speaker above or below the TV screen. The left and right speakers should be placed on each side of the screen at equal distances from the screen. Surround speakers should be placed on both sides of the seating arrangement just a few feet from the seats. Extra speakers can be placed behind or above the seats at a distance of about two to three feet. The subwoofer, which handles the low bass sounds, can be located anywhere in the room.

Finding affordable home cinema systems is not difficult and the internet is a great place to start. Many websites allow users to search for and sort home cinema products.

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