Good news for motorists – oil prices may soon fall

Motorists, long since resigned to paying more and more for petrol and diesel, have some good news at last. A new report predicts that oil prices are peaking and will probably start to fall soon.

We’ve all experienced the huge rises in oil prices recently. It costs more to fill up the car every week and the rises in food are starting to hit hard. Fortunately Lehman Brothers are coming to the rescue with a new report that predicts that oil prices are soon set to fall.

According to the report, a slowing world economy and the opening of new refineries, will shift the supply and demand curve to a point where supply exceeds demand, driving oil prices downwards.

Of course, the threatened strike action at Scotland’s Grangemouth oil refinery is not going to help petrol prices in the very near future, however if the Lehman Brothers report is accurate, we can soon visit the forecourt with slightly less trepidation.

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