Get 20% off 3 Mobile Broadband

I’ve found an exclusive 3 discount code giving 20% off their 5GB Mobile Broadband.

With the code, you get the 3 5GB Mobile Broadband 18 month product for just £12 a month – that’s £3 per month off the standard price.

It’s a great deal and currently unbeatable by 3’s competitors.

Remember it’s £3 off per month i.e. 18*£3 = £54 total saving!

To get this 5GB mobile broadband offer, use this link to 3 and enter the code 3MBB3OFF

Mobile broadband really is growing in popularity and it’s so easy to set up.

All you need is a ‘dongle’, a USB modem, and a SIM, just like a mobile phone.

You plug the SIM into the ‘dongle’ and then plug it into your laptop.

It means you can access the internet, be online when you need it and and you don’t need to pay for a landline.

As with mobile phones, for mobile broadband you can opt for Pay as You Go or Pay monthly plans.

You do need to have coverage, a mobile broadband signal, before you can use the service. 3 have great coverage in place and are investing heavily to ensure this improves even further.

To check out coverage in your area and find out more about the 3 mobile broadband service check out the 3 website.

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