Gardening on a Shoestring

If you have just moved into a new home or have decided that you would like your garden to be more than just a lawn, or something resembling a bombsite, try planting a few shrubs or bulbs. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to transform your outside space to somewhere you can sit and relax.

Gardening doesn't have to cost a fortune
Gardening doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Buying the right plants

As spring turns to summer and the outdoor life begins to appeal, it’s time to begin planting and tidying your garden. Bakker Garden Co is the perfect online mail order company if you are looking for the right plants and seeds.

This company has been delivering for over 70 years and can offer a wide selection of plants and tools to set you on the right path.

Preparing your garden

One of the most daunting tasks when starting a garden project is preparation. Start by clearing away old rubbish and levelling out any areas that you want to use for flower beds or a vegetable patch.

Once the frosts have gone you can start to prune any rose bushes or hedges that already exist. The RHS website will give you all the guidance you’ll need on a monthly basis.

Drawing up a rough plan will also help you decide where you want certain plants to go.

Obtaining cheap tools

The Guardian online has some great examples of how you can save money if you want to begin gardening.

If you are just starting out and don’t have any tools then try your local car boot sale or one of the many online recycling websites. You will find that many people just want to get rid of old and unwanted equipment, including garden furniture. With more expensive items such as strimmers and lawnmowers you could always come to an agreement with a neighbour or relative to share the cost when purchasing one.

Growing from seed or seedling

The cheapest way to grow plants is to start from seed but not everyone has the time or patience. If you are not fussy about organising your flowers in patterns or straight lines, then you could always try just sprinkling seeds on the soil and covering with a quarter of an inch of compost. You may be pleasantly surprised.

If the thought of starting from scratch is too daunting then a trip to a local fete or an allotment society might be the best thing for you. Buying plants in bulk can work out cheaper and all you have to do is plant them.

Planning ahead

Once you have the basics of your garden completed keep a lookout for second hand garden furniture or pots.

Also make a yearly plan of what needs to be done and when. Managing your garden not only keeps it tidy but saves lots of hard work and money.

Keeping weeds at bay with home made weed killer also keeps the cost down; there are many other home made plant foods that won’t cost you the earth. This can be done by spraying the weeds with full strength white vinegar or even garlic liquid.

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  1. Another great tip for saving money on garden furniture is to buy yours at the beginning or end of the summer season. There’s some great bargains for outdoor rattan sofa and dining sets to be found in the spring or autumn sales, especially at specialist online retailers and garden centres.

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