What Will Happen to The Gaming Industry In 5 Years?

The video game market is growing by leaps and bounds, generating more profits each year than other entertainment industries combined. More importantly, mobile gaming alone makes more money than books, movies, TV shows, and the music industry. The big companies at the top of the gaming market are investing a lot of resources to maintain their position and conquer new heights and earn more and more revenue from their issues and projects. In five years, what will happen to such an evil industry? This is very obvious.

Cloud Gaming

Absolutely all major companies related to the video game world are actively talking about the transition to the streaming media age when gamers do not have to buy powerful computers. In this future world that is becoming a reality, users only need to connect to a remote server to play the game on a screen, TV, or smartphone screen. And within five years, the video game market is likely to be completely connected to streaming media because these technologies have provided good benefits. Furthermore, with the development of the Internet and 5G, the benefits of cloud technology will only increase.

By 2020, players will easily play modern video games on rather weak platforms via Google Stadiums or NVIDIA’s GFN. To get comfortable games, you only need the company that provides these services to provide a stable internet and an infrastructure. Everything is there, but five years later, especially with the popularity of 5G, there is no need for any console or game console at all – you can play the new AAA version, even on the TV, even on your smartphone, even if ten years A laptop without a discrete graphics card.

In addition, games are currently being created for computers and consoles and then launched on remote servers that transfer images to the user’s screen. Five years later, major publishers like EA, Ubisoft, or Tencent will immediately develop a streaming game that optimizes all technologies, mechanisms, and gameplay. Then there is a new era of video games. Anyone with a minimum entry threshold can become a player – hundreds of thousands of rubles to get a graphics card is useless because, after a paid subscription, photos do not get worse for streaming services.

VR Entertainment

Due to the technical limitations of modern technology, users have to buy extra expensive equipment, and developers are reluctant to manufacture big games for the platform, the potential of virtual reality helmets cannot be realized. For this reason alone, VR is still a niche entertainment, but after five years, the situation will change dramatically. First, high-resolution monitors that fit helmets will no longer be so expensive. A prominent example is screens and TVs with 4K resolution, which were very expensive five years ago and are now sold for enough money. Therefore, the price of the helmet itself will fall, making it more popular with consumers.

Second, based on the previous point, you do not need to buy an expensive computer to run VR games. Players can connect the helmet to a conditional console or directly to a cloud server, start the game and enjoy its beauty without having to spend a lot of money on buying a powerful computer. Third, with the development of technology and the growing popularity of VR headsets, major video game developers will become interested in this platform and start releasing a complete version specifically for virtual reality.

Mobile Games will Catch Up with Board Games

Mobile processors are gradually catching up with performance solutions, so it’s only a matter of time before games on smartphones and game consoles look and work almost the same. Five years later, when processors in smartphones are often more powerful than current processors, video game developers need to add touch controls on the screen to transfer their release to the mobile platform. Of course, this does not apply to shooting games, but all other types of games are fine. It is especially enjoyable to play role-playing games, sports simulators, and history projects on your smartphone.

Of course, there have been attempts to transfer large versions to mobile platforms, and some have even achieved remarkable success. For example, the authors of League of Legends shared their games to smartphones quite well with almost no changes. Just wait until big companies release their AAA version, not only on PCs and game consoles but also on Android and iOS smartphones. This will happen in the foreseeable future because everything you need is already there. This industry will soon be in the top 10 highest paying jobs in Japan. The only problem is that mobile gaming enthusiasts are not used to buying goods worth 4-5 thousand rubles. The publisher has not yet addressed this.

Fewer Singles Games

The tendency of major publishers to abandon some plot games has long been seen, but with the launch of a new generation of consoles, this version has become sharper. If the sales profit drops by 80% a month after launch and more within a year, why do companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on development and the same amount of advertising? For example, it surpassed PlayStation 4’s flagship projects, The Last of Us Part II and God of War. Other singles have a similar fate – they sell well when released and then realize profits and sales during the discount period, so the publisher has at least somehow reached the bonus point.

Provides gaming services and constantly supplements the content, new tasks, additional content, articles, and clothes that fans will buy and earn profits for a long time, which is more economically viable. For example, look at the GTA online model – even though GTA V was released in 2013, this game brings in $ 1 billion in revenue each year. This is because multiplayer gaming services make a lot of real money. Big publishers understand this, so there will be very few single games in a few years, and in ten years, it will be very rare.

Crossplay Between Desktop and Mobile Platforms

For a long time, big platform owners have been trying to avoid off-roading, but luckily 2019 is clear. There is no logic (apart from shooting games, mouse and keyboard players still have obvious advantages). Both players and developers benefit from cross-game players reducing the waiting time for matching choices and the ability to play with friends from other platforms. At the same time, publishers get additional opportunities to sell various bonuses, and things are in the game. But if only a few large companies currently enjoy this advantage, then the game ten years later will no longer divide the players into platforms. Playing on an extreme level can affect the health of PCs and Laptops, and then the gamers will move to built-in extra batteries. Keeping in mind that there are many built-in battery laptop pros and cons, so you should care about it too.

It is directly related to the development of the smartphone market and mobile games for major publishers; it allows users to play games on their home computers or game consoles and play games on smartphones anywhere in the world. Is very beneficial. If a gamer can shoot with a mobile phone in the subway and then continue from the same place but on the couch at home, his participation will increase significantly. In addition, thanks to cross-cutting, the overall audience for any multiplayer version will dramatically increase, allowing developers to create the matching system more efficiently—the more optimized the enemy the player chooses, the more time he spends in the game.

Video Game Development Will Go to Machine Learning

Major publishers often complain that the cost of developing a modern AAA game continues to rise, and it takes more and more time to release a new version. At the same time, a significant portion of the resources is spent on monotonous mechanical work, creating an open virtual world, writing insignificant sentences, drawing small characters, assembling objects, weapons, and equipment. Thanks to machine learning, all this can be done with artificial intelligence, which greatly reduces the cost of creating a great project.

For example, in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the whole earth is represented with many reliefs, buildings, and other details. Still, the developers do not draw them all by hand – instead, they used information from Bing Maps. If developers start using machine learning, it will take less time to create the big world, and dialogue will only be written for important stories. All other things can be easily put together by artificial intelligence. Imagine how easy this is for EA staff – it is possible to release a new part of FIFA at least once a month because artificial intelligence can update the schedule without any problems.

Gamers will Stop Buying Games

Streaming platforms for movies and TV shows have proven to be viable users paying a monthly subscription fee. Accessing a wide range of content is much easier and more fun than watching each movie or TV show for sale individually. It’s not unreasonable that Netflix has gathered so many competitors and released content exclusively for its platform in a few years. The video game market is also moving in this direction, which will ultimately lead to a similar revenue generation model. For example, if a player can pay for Game Pass and access hundreds of versions simultaneously, why should he buy each game at launch?

Gradually, the model of owning the game fully disappears into the background, leaving room for subscription services. This is very convenient for buying a story game that lasts five to ten hours if you can pay for a few months subscription and complete all these games for 10%. Similarly, it is more profitable for players to pay subscription fees and continue playing new parts of the series than to sell them at full price year after year for franchises like Need for Speed, Call of Duty, and Madden. And surprisingly, it benefits both players and publishers.

Sports Simulators will Dominate

Owning all the popular sports simulators in the gaming community makes a lot of money – the same FIFA in 2020 brought more than $ 800 million in revenue to EA just through in-game purchases. Madden and NBA 2K are at about the same level – fans express their anger over the lack of noticeable changes every year but still give the big publishers “cash”. In the future, the situation will not change completely. Still, it may be worse as the popularity of sports simulators grows year by year and breaks during the coronavirus record period.

Even after the quarantine period is over, the classifications of virtual football, basketball, final match, hockey, and American football will not drop players who like a sport will not give up sports simulation games tomorrow or five or ten years from now. With the release of streaming services, paid subscriptions, and new graphics, there will be more fans of virtual sports than now. And, of course, we must not forget that we must emphasize that EA’s mastodon will never abandon such a profitable market and increase profits from in-game purchases at any cost.

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