Gadget Ideas for Horse Lovers

We recently looked at three gadget ideas which are useful for a partners birthday present. Admittedly, these were mostly aimed at male partners so we thought we look at some gadgets that a horse lover might appreciate, particularly if there is a birthday on the horizon.

So here are some suggestions for those with equestrian interests, but before we venture into the gadgets, it is interesting to realise how big horse ownership has become. In 2017 it was estimated that there were two million horse owners in the United States and around 7.1 million Americans were involved in the equine industry as owners, volunteers, employees or service providers.

So, the market for horse related items is very large with a high percentage of affluent customers. Its no wonder that there many diverse products and gadgets aimed at the equestrian market.

Horse riding tracker apps

There are many familiar tracking apps for human exercise ranging from running and cycling apps to calorie counting and heart rate monitoring. Well, the horse lover will be pleased to know that there are apps available that track and map their riding activities.

Holding an iPhone

The Equilab Equestrian Tracker app for iOS will monitor each riding session to create detailed statistics about how your horse is performing by using your phone sensors to monitor details such as gait, stride and speed as well as sharing your location during rides for safety.

Riding apps like this offer a comprehensive way to keep all your riding related data in one place and to share data and rides with stable mates in a social way. They also improve rider safety and allow detailed analysis about horse performance. As most are subscription based, they can make great gifts for horse lovers or are a good investment for those who are looking to record detailed information about their rides and achievements.

Waterproof Air pod cases

Whilst riding a horse is great fun, and hacking is a great way to experience the countryside at a sedate pace whilst exercising both yourself and your horse, there is a lot of work in the yard to undertake before your horse is ready to be ridden.

Mucking out and grooming are vital everyday jobs that can become tedious so listening to music whilst doing these tasks can be a great way of enjoying these manual jobs. Apple Airpods have excellent sound quality and fit neatly into your ears which is why they are so popular in stable yards.

Airpods and an iPhone

Should they need charging or protected when not being used a waterproof case such as those shown in this link could be just the answer, particularly in bad weather.

Grooming gadgets

As already discussed, grooming is a daily job that is a vital component of caring for your horse. By grooming every part of your horse, you become very familiar with its health and fitness and can quickly spot when something is amiss, either through injury or illness.

Daily grooming also creates and strengthens the bond between you and your horse as you are spending quiet time with him in non-demanding way that most horses appreciate. As grooming needs vary throughout the year and in different conditions, grooming products can make excellent gifts. For example, to de-shed a horse, a SleekEz grooming brush would be an ideal gift for a horse owner that adds to their range of grooming tools for the complete care of their horses coat.

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