Common Freight Forwarding Types Used by Business

Do you know about the essential component for multinational organizations functioning across countries and regions? It is their successful and effective handling of the shipping operations and consignments. Large businesses have contracts with major companies, and so they cannot afford any lapse in delivering the orders. They are aware that even a small shortcoming could undermine their reputation and credibility in the market. That is why they take stringent measures to ensure that the shipping process continues to sail smoothly and efficiently.

These measures include: making sure that the dispatched goods are in safe hands and that all legal requirements have been taken care of. Sometimes, a small legal issue or a glitch can pose severe threats to the shipping process and the overall business. If you own a business and you are ready to dispatch some goods, you have come to the right place.

This article will walk you through some of the most common and vital freight forwarding types used by businesses. This will enable you to make an informed decision and protect your serious investments. So, let’s dive right into it.


Sea freight is one of the most common and frequent options for businesses for their shipments. Mostly cargo ships or vessels carry the goods in containers or large wooden boxes. Interestingly the ships used for the purpose are some of the largest in the world. Since there are large consignments, cargo ships convey millions of tons of goods every single day. They navigate their way through different oceans to get the goods delivered.

The cargo ships are also the most cost-efficient because of their containing capacity. Mostly, this option is suitable for you if you have to transport material in bulk across regions or countries. Typically, freight forwarding depends on what you want to dispatch and then decide accordingly from the efficient ways available. If you have a smaller consignment, you may use Less Than Container Load (LCL), while for large ones, Full Container Load (FCL) is better.

A freight train transporting containers


Rail freight is inarguable one of the most effective ways of transporting goods through the land. Using this method, you can have your items transported through a far and extensive network. One salient feature that makes this freight type preferable is that it can continue its journey without interruption. The only related downside is that there may be space constraints when shipping large containers.


If you are looking for the fastest freight service, then an air-freight is the only option. Although you may face some weight constraints on certain items, you can transport your goods thousands of miles in the minimum time. While cost may be a hindrance in using this method, you are still able to save a lot of time, which is a crucial factor for businesses. Air-freight can also understandably help avoid any hassle that may come with ground transportation, such as safety and security.


For transportation within the country, such as a distant town or a province, this freight is perhaps the best option. However, how soon your goods may arrive at their destination depends on traffic indications. Despite this, businesses find this as one of the most efficient services for shorter consignments.

An articulated lorry

In addition to the above means and methods, a broker is sometimes necessary to ensure a smooth shipment. These assist businesses in terms of legal and transport documentation to get them the necessary clearance. They handle the process by dealing with the tricky rules or regulations of each country.


Freight forwarding is extremely important for businesses as it ensures that their goods reach the desired destinations. Choosing the right freight service allows an organization to deliver the items with punctuality and efficiency. Safe transportation provides business people with complete peace of mind. The reason is that it ensures that the shipment will make its journey unhindered and uninterrupted.

Above all, an excellent service becomes imperative when you have to satisfy a client by all possible means. Any freight forwarding that lacks the said essential elements can prove detrimental for businesses in the longer run. So, if you are looking to dispatch a critical consignment, remember to choose the right option.

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