Three Ways A Free SIM Pay And Go Mobile Phone Deal Can Save Money

If you are wary about signing a long term contract and you already have a mobile phone that you like, have you considered a Pay and Go deal? Here are three ways a free sim deal can save you money.

HTC Desire Smartphone1) A contract is not for you

If you don’t use your phone much then signing a long term contract can cost you a lot of money as well as tie you into a deal that no longer suits your needs and may be expensive to get out off. Other people either don’t want a long term mobile phone contract, or are have some sort of credit rating problem that prevents them signing up for a contract anyway.

A free pay as you go sim card may well be the answer as you can use all the various phone services such as text, web browsing and any network call minutes merely by topping up your Pay and Go Sim card as and when you need to.

2) You already have a great mobile or Smartphone – why buy another?

Although there are some fantastic new mobiles and smartphones being launched every month, maybe you are happy with the phone that you already had, but it’s now out of contract.

A sim only deal will allow you to use your existing phone without that hassle of transferring all your contact numbers across to a new mobile and the good news is that you can often get a the Sim card free, both with a contract or as a pay as you go deal.

If you have a Smartphone that you use for Internet access then the latest sim only deals offer web browsing too, such as the O2 Simplicity deals, even on a pay and go basis.

3) Get free international and same network calls

You might be surprised to learn that you can get free same network and international calls even with a free pay and go sim card only deal.

If you top your sim card with £15 per month you receive a 100 free minutes of international calls with the O2 Simplicity sim only deal.

Those free calls are to any country “from Poland to Pakistan, Bulgaria to Bangladesh”, O2 claim. You also receive unlimited UK calls and texts to anyone on O2 on top of your credit, when you top up £15 a month.

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