Fixed energy deal ending – what happens next?

Fixed energy deals, as the name suggests, are fixed for a certain period, at the end of which you have to make decisions on whether to stay with your current energy supplier or switch and decide which energy deal to go for next.

Fixed energy dealsMany fixed energy deals were taken out in 2008 to protect against the massive energy price increases.

With E.ON and British Gas fixed deals coming to an end soon, and EDF Energy and Scottish Power following close behind, many will soon need to consider their energy options to make sure they get the best deal.

Whilst your current energy supplier will contact you near to the end of your current deal, it may be best to consider your options prior to this happening.

By being proactive and checking deals in advance you will be in a good position when you speak to your current supplier to know whether to accept their offer or switch to another supplier.

The key is to get yourself prepared so that if you need to switch you are ready to do so:

  • Check when your plan ends
  • Understand what type of gas and electricity plans are available that might suit your needs
  • Do some checking on what the best deals are for you – a good 4 weeks + ahead of your plan ending.

Energy suppliers are constantly changing their offers to compete for your business. Currently for example the British Gas Websaver 6 offer is the best value for some, but this may change or may be different for your particular needs.

You can compare energy deals using comparison websites such as or

Using these sites you can quickly see what’s on offer and the quotes provided are specific to your post code and the energy deals available for it.

They also provide a very helpful and easy to follow switching service, making the process a lot easier than you might imagine.

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