Finest Customized Software Program Corporation of 2021

Customized software program corporations have been in great demand since the outbreak of the Corona Virus and the demand isn’t going down anytime soon.

The reason for this wouldn’t be far-fetched if you consider our world today. Think of the number of persons using smartphones. Think of the number of various channels and touchpoints that customers are using before concluding to buy anything from a brand.

All these boil down to one thing: Custom software development is more important now than ever; you can either take it or leave It.

Statistics according to Goodfirms show that 7.70% of custom software developers can deliver software or mobile app development projects within 2 months

Renowned organizations have hired custom software developers from different nations all around the world to develop high-quality software and mobile apps that have transformed their business and turned it into a global business.

The internet is littered with thousands of custom software development firms. In the U.S alone there are over 100,000 development companies. So it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right one for your kind of business.

In this article, Hanna Schnaider reveals to you the finest custom software development companies that you can start with right away, you don’t have to give yourself unnecessary troubles again. Read more about her here

#1. Icreon

When visiting their website you’ll find the sentence: “We’re an advanced digital solutions agency. We’re built for challengers who need to get to ‘What’s Next, first.” This pretty much defines this software company in the most specific manner.

Icreon has been around for about 20 years and has worked with notable brands including IMG Models, National Geographic Channel, FOX Movies, XPO Logistics, New York Road Runners, and more. Primarily, they specialized in providing digital solutions to growth-oriented, medium-sized businesses, hailing from different industries. They work with nonprofit companies, fortune 500 brands, and mid-market companies across different industries.

As an award-winning custom software development agency, Icreon revolutionizes the client’s entire ecosystem including both front-end and back-end, introducing new tenure of digital maturity.

They have more than 350 experts, present in 6 countries, and have more than 97% client retention rate, which is excellent.

If you’ve ever needed a software development company that stands out in terms of flexibility, dedication, and enthusiasm, then try Icreon. Their headquarters are in New York with additional offices in D.C., Philadelphia, London, New Delhi, and Pune.

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#2. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft has been around since 1989 with affirmations from thousands of clients around the world. They basically provide custom software development services to large businesses, global corporations, and well-known brands in fields such as banking, retail, oil and gas, telecoms, health care, manufacturing, and so on.

They are known for providing top-level maintenance services to clients which is why clients keep coming back. With a solid 30 years of experience, they are also known for producing top-quality services that have earned them several awards and recognition including the Ernst and Young Award.

Their clients are prominent names including IBM, eBay, Viber, Half, and others. ScienceSoft is equipped with 700+ software specialists offering multidirectional technological assistance such as testing, web development, content management, CRM, data analysis, and security intelligence.

Some of their popular projects include building connected car solutions for onboard diagnostics, setting up 24/7 Linux administration by DevOps for a hosting provider, and more.

ScienceSoft is a software company with a track record and you can be sure to get the best from them. Their headquarters are in the United States with offices in Belarus, Finland, United Arab Emirates

#3. FortySeven Software Professionals

Fortyseven Software Professionals is the leading custom software development, IT consulting, and IT outsourcing company in Europe.

They are equipped with 300+ versatile IT professionals with expertise in custom CRM development, ERP development for Energy Companies, Core banking Software, Oil and Gas ERP development, RPA, BPD, BI, and more. They also develop complex software solutions across various industries such as Trading, Oil and Gas, Energy and Utilities, Banking and Finances, etc.

Like others, Fortyseven Software Professionals are known for providing smooth digital solutions and flexible services from start to finish.

Additionally, FortySeven Software Professionals:

  • Armed with over the latest software development tools
  • Have completed over 120+ successful projects
  • Are equipped with a dedicated software team that is needed to realize your idea
  • Offers consulting services that are based on practice and implementation that is aimed at moving your business forward and more

FortySeven Software Professionals have vast experience working with clients from startup to INC 500 companies, providing both dedicated teams and making synergy with existing client’s IT team. They are based in London, UK.

#4. Enola Labs

Serving clients from venture-funded early stages companies to Fortune 500 companies, Enola Labs is another versatile custom software development firm creating products that address complex business requirements using web, mobile, and the latest underlying technologies.

They are known for delivering quality software solutions that are fast and affordable, utilizing the domestic engineers that are collaboratively working in their environment. Among many others, this custom software development company focuses on offering services such as Enterprise Architecture, Legacy system migration, web engineering, digital strategy, UX design, Technical advisory, and more.

Founded in 2012, the team has worked with some prominent names including Amazon, Homeaway, Texas state government, Gridiron, Pivot 3, and more.

Enola Labs is a great software company and run by seasoned professionals in technology and business who care about delivering excellent results. They are based in Austin, TX.


Listed above are the known and trusted software development companies with proven track records of massive results at their disposal. Outsourcing your software development or mobile app development projects to any one of these companies wouldn’t be a mistake.

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