Finding Deals Before Spending Money on Anything

When you break down how much a person spends through the year, it’s surprising to see exactly how much we spend in different areas. According to recent studies, UK spending is at its highest since 2005, with average spending on recreation almost matching what we pay on rent and bills.

Some of these costs may seem necessary or unavoidable, but most people would say that they would like to save money on them by using deals before they spend rather than go without entirely. You may not think that you’re great with finding the best prices, but you can sniff out deals by looking online if you know just where to look.


Supermarkets aren’t small, which is why it’s so difficult to find deals and discounts for them. How can you look at the prices for thousands of products when they are in so many different departments?

A good thing is that many shops know this and so they offer a refund system. Even the best supermarkets can make mistakes when it comes to putting your shopping through the tills, so if you’ve been overcharged for items, possibly because a discount wasn’t registered when the items were scanned, they will give you the difference. Some will also double the difference, giving you twice as much as what you’re owed.

Online Gaming

People spend thousands on entertainment throughout the year, but the industry is one of the best for deals and discounts. Many online games will give you discounts if you buy their premium currencies in bulk, buying hundreds of gems, not just a dozen. You can also get free trials for games with subscriptions so that you save a bit of money when you first start playing.

Online gaming with dice and gambling chips

Online casinos also have deals like this. Betfair, a popular online casino with slot games, blackjack, and roulette, allows players to get a 100% bonus on live casino games with real-life dealers. In another offer from the casino, players can get 25 free spins on slots when they deposit and play with £5.

Social Media

Another way to sniff out deals and discounts is to follow your favourite brands on social media. Brands can use their Facebook and Instagram pages to appeal directly to you, with no interference, using targeted ads and social media-only sales to appeal to customers even when they’re not on the lookout for offers. As well as new product announcements and customer service, many also use it to announce sales and discounts.

Social media logos

Social media and the way that people look at their feeds every few hours or so allows brands to offer limited-time discounts too, so you may want to enable notifications on the accounts you follow so that you don’t see the discounts once they’ve finished.

Most companies would prefer you to pay full price for all of their products and services. However, if you’re looking for some money off, the internet can help you get some great deals.

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