Find the Perfect Companion for Your Indoor Cycling

Are you looking for the perfect companion for your Indoor cycling workouts? This form of cycling is easy to start with. At the same time, many people find it hard to continue pursuing this as a long term exercise option. Indoor cycling from inside the home or office is enjoyable and time saving but it has its disadvantages.

What starts as a simple and easy exercise will turn into a monotonous and boring routine. This is why you should have an ideal companion app that will make the whole exercise interesting with a lot of twists and turns.

Vingo – The Perfect Cycling App

Vingo is a versatile app that creates a whole new world where you can exercise. It takes your cycling to a whole new level, literally. When you use the app, you move from cycling indoors to an exciting mode called Online cycling. As the name implies, you will be cycling in an online world. This world is created from bottom up by the app. It creates every tiny bit of detail like the terrain, the visuals, the ambience and atmosphere, everything. This virtual world will have your digital avatar. This way, you can cycle inside this exciting space.

Vingo Creates an Immersive World

When you use this app, it feels like you have been transported into the virtual world. If you use a fairly large screen then you will feel every bit of detail. With a good pair of headsets or ear plugs, you can even listen to every small sound in this digital world. You will have an immersive experience in which there is a lot of excitement. It will be better than even cycling out in the real world. This way, you will feel motivated, and engaged during your exercises.

Get an All Around Support

When you get onboarded with the Vingo app, you will find everything to be easily accessible. With a simple and effective user interface, you need not spend too much time on finding your way through the app. All the options are self-explanatory. In fact, it is easy to connect this indoor cycling app with your devices. If you have an iPhone, you can use the app on it. It is also available for other operating systems and platforms. The latest iOS version is smooth and comes with a great overall experience.

Connect your exercise cycle with the inb-built sensor and Bluetooth or buy an ANT+ sensor and then pair it with your device. Either way, you will be able to directly monitor your movements and the same will reflect in the virtual world.

Get This Versatile App Today

Vingo is a versatile app that has more features than you can imagine. In fact, the bike training app can also be used for training you in your running sessions. Similar to the cycles, it can be easily connected with a treadmill and used. Either way you will get a smooth exercise experience that is centred on your fitness goals.

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