The financial benefits of leasing a van

Need a new van? Wondering whether it is best to buy or lease a van for your business? Read on to discover why leasing a van may well be the right decision for you, as it has many benefits:

New vehicle

First and foremost leasing a van allows you to drive a brand new vehicle without the huge initial outlay. By leasing a van, you’ll be able to spread the cost, with smaller regular monthly payments over an agreed period (often two years). These costs are often fixed so you can more easily balance your books.

Wide variety

Lease your van from an established van leasing company, and you’ll have a wide range of vans to choose from, and you may have the option for customisable features too, so you can choose a vehicle that fits your exact specifications and the needs of your business.

Less of a burden

What’s more, lease a van, and you’ll receive many additional benefits, such as maintenance and breakdown cover included, so you won’t have to shoulder the burden . You’ll never have to accommodate unexpected (and sometimes hefty) repair bills.

A female car mechanic


Moreover, lease a van, and you’ll know you’ll have a vehicle that is shipshape and fit for purpose, without the uncertainty that comes with a second-hand vehicle. So you’ll have a reliable vehicle and in turn, be able to deliver a reliable service to your customers.

No depreciation

Moreover, lease a van, and you won’t have to take the hit for any depreciation in value or have the bother of selling it on when you do decide to let it go. In this respect leasing a van is a hassle free option.

Never drive an old vehicle

Moreover, lease your van, and you’ll never need to drive an old vehicle again, you can simply return your van at the end of your initial lease period and replace it with a new lease vehicle.  You’ll benefit from a new vehicle every few years – what could be better? You’ll never have the burden of a depreciating asset for which you are responsible or the increased costs of maintenance that come with an ageing vehicle.

Love your van?

However, if you find the van you’ve been leasing is ideal for your purposes, and you don’t want to be without it, then you’ll often have the option to buy your vehicle at the end of the lease period.

Your lease van

So as you can see, leasing a van has many advantages. You won’t need a large lump sum to drive away in your new van, and you won’t have to make provision for unexpected repairs bills either. Nor will you have to shoulder the burden of a depreciating asset that you may find it difficult to get rid of.

Leasing a van is a good option in many scenarios, perhaps it’s the right decision for you. Most of all, leasing a van is a more accessible way to provide a brand new vehicle for your business, meaning you can drive forward with confidence, rest assured that your vehicle is fit for purpose.

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