Fighting The Flab With ‘Pay As You Go’ Gym Costs

I mentioned a few days ago about the huge amounts of money being wasted on unused gym memberships. Well, it seems that there may be an answer after all….

We all want to lose weight after the Christmas binges and many head of to the gym with determination in our hearts and training shoes in hand, ready to win the battle with our waistline.

Even if it means signing 12 months membership, we go ahead and join anyway. But very few of us are still fighting the battle by March and all that membership money is wasted as we decide to adjust to our new figures, rather than fight the flab.

One solution appears to be a new service called payasUgym, which launches later this month. As it’s name suggests, it allows you to pay as you go at a local gym, rather than take on onerous membership commitments.

You will be able to load up an online wallet to buy “ePasses” when you want to visit a participating gym of your choice so you can go whenever you want.

For example, it means that you could try out going to a gym, if you have never been to one before, without having to pay joining fees and subscriptions, just as you find that it is not for you after all.

Or you could try various local participating gyms in your area to see which one you like the best.

So it is a neat and original idea and I hope that it does well.

One slightly different note, payasUgym has an iPhone app that allows you to search for participating gyms, but does not have a similar app for Android phones.

The phone directory app is also only available for iPhones and not Android. When will companies realise that there as many Android based phones sold as iPhones and they should be catering to that market too?

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