How to export Microsoft Money data into Personal Accountz money management software

In this article we will show you how to import your data from Microsoft Money into Personal Accountz, now called Home Accountz 2012, money management software.

Before we start, why would you want to import your data from Microsoft Money into Personal Accountz, now Home Accountz 2012?

The main reason is that Microsoft have stopped supporting Microsoft Money in the UK and are also discontinuing the product worldwide.  Secondly Microsoft Money no longer works on the most recent versions of the Windows operating system so if your PC uses Vista or Windows 7 then you need to use an alternative money management program for Microsoft Money.

You can buy Home Accountz 2012 for £39 including VAT from their web site with instant software download.

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The software runs on Apple Mac OSX 10.3 or greater, Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux operating systems and is quick and easy to install.  If you are looking for  more information, we have published a review of Personal Accountz.

How to export your data from Microsoft Money to Home Accountz 2012

Once you have purchased and installed Home Accountz on your PC, you then follow these simple steps to migrate your data to it.

  1. From within Microsoft Money export your data as a “Loose QIF” file using File > Export.
  2. You then chose to export your “regular accounts” or “investment accounts.  If you select regular accounts then you are given a list of all of your bank and credit related accounts.  You select a destination for the export file and an account to export.
  3. You do this for each of your accounts in Microsoft Money, making sure that you don’t overwrite your existing export file.
  4. When all your accounts have been exported, you then switch to the Home Accountz 2012 software to import your data from each of the QIF files that you have created during the export process.
  5. Select the QIF export file to import using File > Files > Open in Home Accountz 2012.
  6. Your data will be imported into Home Accountz 2012 and an account structure will be automatically created
  7. You then save this account data using File > Save As and then you chose a suitable name for your accounts.

That’s it – you have now converted from Microsoft Money to Home Accountz 2012!

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