Everyday Productivity Hacks for Home-based Entrepreneurs

Running an online business from a home office has it perks, but it also requires tons of discipline, patience and focus. If you own a home-based business and are struggling to make the most of your working hours, here are seven productivity hacks to get you going.

Set boundaries, and stick with them

Whether you’re a freelance writer, a home-based bakery shop or a real estate agent, commit to a few hours of uninterrupted work every day. Minimize distractions and set expectations so that people know that your business is important to you.

Set up a working area

The ease of working anywhere in the house also brings along laxity and indiscipline, so avoid working on the bed or couch. Instead, designate a space and call it your home office. Get ready each morning and spend maximum of your working time in this space.

A cluttered workspace

Organize and declutter

A disorganized and cluttered workspace gives off negative energy and saps enthusiasm, even though you may feel it’s not affecting you at all. Organize and file documents, put away used coffee mugs and plates, and dust your work desk every morning to create a fresh and inspiring working area.

Enliven your home office

Frame and hang success mantras from entrepreneurs you admire; get a few flowers from the garden and place them in a clear glass; replace old drapes with sheer ones that let the light in. Ambience makes tremendous difference in how much you can achieve and how you feel doing it. Make a few inexpensive aesthetic changes to convert your home office into an inviting space.

Master time management

Some people are inherently good at managing time and others struggle with it. When you work from home, it is essential to plan your day and divide it into chunks dedicated to certain activities, including the chores you can’t escape.

Create a schedule that will give you the freedom to enjoy your downtime once you’re accomplished the day’s goals.

Try not to use breaks for chores

This is hard, as work-from-home entrepreneurs must pack a zillion tasks into each day. Use your breaks to rest, relax and unwind rather than wash dirty dishes or vacuum the living room. Leave those tasks for later and remind yourself that work is top priority during those designated hours.

Using a washing machine

Also, consider if you’re using errands and chores as a way to get away from dreaded office work, such as creating a newsletter. If you see yourself avoiding a task consistently, consider outsourcing the job to a professional, so that you can do more with your own time.

Take a break to learn and connect

Lastly, take out some time every day to update your knowledge and connect with other home-based entrepreneurs through e-forums and social media groups. Find credible online resources for more info, practical tips and sound strategies on how to run a sustainable business from home.

This will not only refresh you but also weed out boredom and motivation that comes with working in isolation day after day.

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