Why Is Esports Going to Become More Popular Than Other Sports?

If you are reading and you’ve been playing computer games for a while, you probably remember the situations around eSports 15 years ago. Back then, there were only a handful of tournaments, some of which were entirely online. Although there were also a few LAN events, there were pretty much no sponsors at all, so the life of pro gamers was really difficult.

Fast-forward 15 years later and the eSports industry is now worth over 1 billion dollars. Back in the days, there were only a few games that actually had some sort of a professional scene, whereas now, there are more than seven eSports that are played on a computer. What’s more, there are also a few mobile games that also managed to turn into eSports, some of which have insanely popular tournaments.

Most analysts predict that the revenue from eSports will reach around 1.5 billion dollars by 2023. That’s why we think that this industry is going to become more profitable than every other sport. Here is why.

Gamers are everywhere

Due to the fact that more and more people are starting to play computer games on a daily basis, the number of eSports enthusiasts will inevitably continue to grow. It has never been easier to watch tournaments on your favorite game than it is today. Thanks to some of the most prominent live-streaming platforms, everyone is just one click away from having fun.

Of course, the high popularity of eSports is something that many companies take advantage of, especially the big ones. That’s why you can often see some of the most influential car making companies, chipsets manufacturers, and even this site sponsoring all kinds of events. Advertisers understand that the high popularity of eSports could potentially earn them a lot of revenue, which is why they gladly sponsor some of the biggest tournaments.

No scandals

One of the big reasons why we believe that eSports will inevitably become bigger is the fact that there is less drama and scandals. Due to the fact that every game is really competitive, you can rarely find some scandals, such as fixed matches, for example, which is an issue that plagues almost every sport, including football.

A professional baseball player catching a baseball

Sure, there are some things that shouldn’t happen here as well, but the problems are nowhere near as big as in other sports. Drama usually gets attention, but when it comes down to sports, we believe that it has the opposite effect.

eSports in universities and colleges

Another reason why eSports became so big and will continue to grow is universities. There are many places where people can actually study eSports and get a degree. Although having an eSports diploma might be strange at first, there are many places where you can use it. In fact, some of the biggest gaming companies around the world will be more than happy to include you to their team, as long as you have the needed eSports knowledge.

There are different types of eSports degrees. Some of them focus more on the financial aspect of this industry, whereas others are purely gaming-related. As you can imagine, this also helps to popularize the eSports industry a lot.

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