How the Erecoin Crypto-currency Could Revolutionize the 3D Printing Industry

When most people think about crypto-currencies, they immediately think of Bitcoin, or if they have read a bit about these coins, they might consider Ethereum. Many people don’t realise that crypto-currencies such as are going to quietly revolutionize many industries away from the limelight of the epic rises and falls of Bitcoin.

The 3D printing industry is going from strength to strength as more companies consider the benefits of manufacturing individual components or short run items that become commercially viable when 3D printing is utilized.

As in any manufacturing concern, there is often a separation between the design and manufacture of an item and with 3D printing the same separation of responsibilities is often involved. The design and coding of a 3D solution is likely to be developed by one team, which is then handed to another team who are responsible for running the printers which create the product or component.

There is nothing to stop these teams being geographically separated, and in fact, as the industry grows, it is likely that companies will specialize in the design elements of the project and once approved, will send the solution to a different company who specialize in running and maintaining the highly capable and versatile 3D printing hardware.

Fast and secure data transmission

The transmission of large data files over the internet will be required if remote printers are to be used so it is vital that these files are transmitted in a secure way that ensures data integrity and fast data transmission times.

Providing these end-to-end data transmission streams across the internet is where Erecoin will come to the fore. In a similar way to Topia Coin, the Erecoin platform will facilitate the transmission of 3D manufacturing files, and Erecoin will provide the tokens by which companies pay for these services, and network providers earn revenues from supplying the infrastructure.

Erecoin Benefits

Erecoin benefits from the use of blockchain technologies because they facilitate the transmission of data without the fear of external manipulation or tampering, and the decentralized nature of blockchain promotes the collaboration between teams and companies throughout the world.

A prosthetic hand

Whereas most 3D manufacturing, or additive manufacturing, as it is often called, is based around plastic materials, this form of manufacturing is increasingly being seen in a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics and aviation.

The use of this versatile and cost-effective manufacturing method is set to increase in the future, so it is likely that a solution that offers secure data transmission with guaranteed data integrity, and a means to pay for it with a crypto currency such as Erecoin, will experience greater demand in the years to come.


Crypto-currencies, blockchains and tokens are hitting the headlines, but it is likely to be a variety of third generation crypto-currencies such as Erecoin that quietly revolutionize the way many industries work in the future. Third generation crypto technologies are far less energy dependent, have far faster transactional processing times than first generation currencies such as Bitcoin and yet offer the same benefits of de-centralization and data integrity.

When coupled with fast growing manufacturing methods such as 3D printing, it is easy to visualize that there is a great future for coins such as Erecoin which enable the creation of network technologies and boost the efficiencies of these manufacturing solutions.

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