Be An Energy Shopper And Save Money

You will no doubt be aware of the big 6 energy suppliers which include companies such as British Gas, SSE and npower. Between them they supply gas and electricity to over 50 million homes and businesses in the UK, however there are many other smaller energy companies that may well offer better deals, or supply specialist products such as green or renewable energies.

Navigating through this list of suppliers and their offers can be confusing and time consuming, so fortunately there are websites such as Ofgem’s ‘Be an Energy Shopper’ which guide you through the energy switching process and provide helpful information according to your needs.

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As Ofgem is Britain’s independent energy regulator, it offers impartial information and advice on home and business energy, so you can trust the information on their be an energy shopper website.

To help and reassure you, Ofgem publish a list of accredited energy comparison sites. All these approved energy comparison sites are independent, and the options and prices you find on them will be calculated and displayed in a fair and accurate way – meaning you can be confident when shopping for energy.

You should be aware that your existing supplier may charge you an exit fee if you are intending to switch from your current deal during your contract term.

I have been asked to try out the Be An Energy Shopper website. Although they are sponsoring this article, I feel passionately that householders should be looking for ways to save money wherever possible so access to trustworthy and useful information like this is very valuable.

I particularly like some of the tools that can help make switching energy supplier as quick and easy as possible. For example, you can download a comparison notepad that helps you easily compare your current tariff with other tariffs on offer. This makes comparing different prices much more straightforward.

There are also detailed FAQ’s on the Be An Energy Shopper website which guide you through different scenarios such as when you move home (which presents a great opportunity to compare energy deals), or to help you understand your energy bills.

So in this time of rising inflation, it makes very good sense to spend a few minutes looking to save money by switching to a different energy deal. It need not be intimidating or confusing to compare tarrifs and offers.

Just head over to the Be An Energy Shopper website for excellent free information and advice.

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