Employee Recruitment – A Success Guide for Small Businesses

Employee recruitment is a crucial part of business success, since candidates will not only have to be efficient and reliable in carrying out their duties but also become a representation of your brand. This makes it necessary to create a good recruitment budget and put the right amount of effort into attracting the best candidates.

When you prepare and publicise your job ad the right way, candidates who show up for the interview will be those that are best qualified for the position. This makes the interview easy since it is now only a matter of picking out the candidate that most closely fits your requirements.

Create an effective job description

A good job description that clearly points out the job title, qualifications, responsibilities, working condition, and benefits is the first step towards attracting the right candidates. It should include the following:

  • Company information: explaining what your business is about and the ideals it stands on
  • Job title/description: should be clearly stated and easy to understand. Point out what makes the position unique and the tasks that will be required of the successful applicant.
  • Qualifications: consider the type of individual that will best fit the post and clearly prioritise the attributes and requirements.

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Promote the recruitment ad

The means available to you for publicising your opening will depend on your recruitment finance budget and the candidates you are targeting. Making use of more than one tool to spread the word will maximise your exposure.

  • Social media and business website: the internet is a powerful tool when it is efficiently utilised. Advertising the position on social media and on your business website should be the first port of call.
  • Online job boards: make use of sites that advertise openings to job seekers.
  • Recruitment agencies: although costly, these can help you save time and screen out undesirable entries.

Preliminary screening

Once you have received enough entries, the next step will be to find the desirable entries and screen out the ones that do not suit you. The success of the preliminary screening will determine how well the actual interview turns out. The candidates should provide their portfolios and go through a standardized test. The portfolios will be used to have an idea of their abilities and how they fit your business, while the tests should access their character, emotional intelligence, and cognitive skills.

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Interview the qualified candidates

Make use of situational and behavioural questions to determine the candidate that best fits the position. Behavioural questions help to assess the candidate’s creativity, trustworthiness, problem-solving skills, and self-confidence.

Situational questions simulate possible on-the-job scenarios and assess how effectively the candidates can handle the position. It evaluates the work methods and common sense of the candidates. The strengths and weaknesses of the various candidates should then be compared, and the right candidate selected.

Offer the job

Notify the successful candidate of the job offer and, after receiving a confirmation of acceptance, send an offer letter in writing that stipulates the employment details.

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